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Timed exercises dictations are now too long

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For the last few weeks, almost every task presented in "timed exercises" is now a two-line dictation in Romanian. These sentences are simply too long for timed exercises, unless they alternate with shorter tasks. What makes this particularly difficult is that one can get one letter wrong, and the sentence is marked wrong. Because almost every task presented is a long dictation, the solution of skipping to the next task doesn't work - the next task is almost always yet another long dictation. I used to be able, on some occasions, to get 20 correct. These days I struggle to get 1, & it's weeks since I scored more than 1. This does not serve to spur one on to try harder; it merely demoralises. The solution would be to alternate longer tasks with shorter tasks, such as multiple choice or short phrases.

3 months ago

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I know what Abidaga means, I've now come back to doing my Romanian on a laptop when I can as on my phone I can't see the long sentences to check them easily..

Another problem for me is that when the sentences are long with there are touch words then the answer is just given for me or perhaps I have to add one word, so not much thinking required.. it could be my phone size, but I wouldn't want a bigger phone.

Reply3 months ago