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Crowns, Levels, etc

What is the significance of the crown? Why are the units now in levels of (at-least) four? How should I proceed through the units? One level at a time or one unit at a time?

May 2, 2018



It's pretty much like it was before there were crowns, but with more flexibility.

Going through a lesson or skill set once will unlock the following skill(s).

If you want a review, go back and re-do old skills. By the time you get to Crown level 5 you will have done that skill so many times you're not likely to forget it, so it turns gold and stays gold. No more being forced to re-do simple early skills because they won't ever lose their gold color :)

Some folks do everything to crown level 1, then go back and do everything to crown level 2, and so on.

Some folks do everything to crown level 2 or 3, then review the things they feel like re-doing.

Here's how I'm doing mine, but I may decide to change it later:


Muchas gracias.


I'm as confused as you!


I'm glad it's not just me


You're pretty advanced in Spanish, judging by your level. I'd just do random practices, but in order to avoid being bored, would avoid trying to regild the earlier lessons in one setting - way too many repetitions of "Yo soy una niña) and you have to get to crown level five to do it. I do two lessons in a couple of different skills at more or less random for practice. And I do find it useful, even though I'm moderately fluent and can read Spanish without translating. Hoping that the team decides to bring decay notifications back in some manner, because I did find that useful. Unfortunately, the practice button, while it targets your weak words, doesn't provide progress towards a crown.


Thank you for your response. I'm not sure what a "crown" is or does, but I need the repetition to ensure it's second nature. I've already gone through all units to level two. I will probably go to level five with the earlier units and progress from there in stages. Thanks again


Crown-a-Mania rolls on!

Today, the colors of the topic icons have changed to Gold for Level 5, Orange for Level 4, Red for Level 3, and Green for Level 2. I don't have any Level 1s, so I can't say what color it is. When I logged on today and saw all that red from across the room, I wondered if Duo was warning me to evacuate stat!

The earlier, easier topics usually give you 10XP for ten questions but the more advanced topics still hew to the 20+ questions for 10XP.

I used to let Duo randomly pick the daily topics but doing that now doesn't get you any Crown progress. Personally, I'm going forward to the end of the topics and then back to the beginning. That way, I hope to get some variety every day, rather than twenty times el pingüino bebe leche.

By the way, Duo, the penguin does NOT drink milk. He drinks cheap vodka. A lot of it. Because after thousands of hours of Duo, he still can't speak a whit of Spanish. At least, not any Spanish that anybody in their right mind would speak in any real situation. So many of the sentences are so stupid or meaningless that no real person has ever said those things nor would they hear such a thing in any Spanish-speaking country. Unless a Duoista showed up and began spouting Duo Spanish. At which point the hapless Duoista would be pulled aside from the airport security line and never seen again. Try it next time you want to unplug from the Matrix!


They like bears and turtles too. :-)


And ducks and turkeys.

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