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  5. "Last night he cooked food"

"Last night he cooked food"

Translation:Usiku uliopita alipika chakula

May 2, 2018



Would jana usiku be okay for "last night"?


Uliopita threw me because it looks like a past tense verb. I looked it up and it is, meaning 'you went'. So, 'at night you went' means last night? Does uliopita have other uses? is it a general idiom for something that happened in the past? Does it conjugate differently for different things or just for you literally going?


It can indeed mean anything that passed. Mwezi uliopita (last month), miaka mitano iliopita (five years ago). So it conjugates based on the noun. That being said, I don't think I have ever heard anyone say "usiku uliopita" where I was living in Tanzania.

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