¡Hola! Soy un hablante nativo de inglés y puedo ayudar a quienes luchan con eso :)

please look at the bottomost post.

May 2, 2018

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    Hello, my name is Joaquin and i'm from Argentina, i am eighteen years old, nice to meet you Josue :) Where are you from and what is the reason why are you learning spanish? If you want you can practice with me that language.

    May 2, 2018

    I'm from the U.S. I am 14 years old, and I started learning Spanish because I thought being able to speak Spanish would be a useful tool, cause when I graduate I am going to be a Fighter Pilot I might have to use it when I am deployed.

    hola soy una niña de 11 años, y tengo muchas ganas de aprender ingles

    yo tambien tengo 11 años y soy DE Colombia (el mejor pais de l mundo)modestia aparte

    uaww so nice, where do you want to study? I am a native Spanish, if you want to practice with me, I`ll be available.

    Hello, my name is Jose David My english is not very good ¿i can help me? pls


    How do you can help me, I need to practice my English. I live in Miami.

    hola no soy muy nuevo me ayudarias

    hello my nome is elizabeth im from colombia bueno quiero decir hola mi nombre es elizabeth soy de colombia de risaralda de pereira soy risaraldense mueno me gusta tu respuesta quiero estar en tu grupo si puedo

    jajajas yo soy de pereira también ;)

    Gracias, ya por acá te estaré pidiendo ayuda

    ok, just post when your ready :)

    hello I would like to improve my English help me?

    yes let's start by, what do you like to do for fun?

    I go to the gym, I like to watch series and movies and you?

    I like to play PVZ GW1, running, Cross Country, Nerf wars, Building the hardest, most complicated Lego build, building things, fixing thing, and shooting my siblings with my nerf gun :P.

    do you like reading?

    yes ,I like, do you have skype? to talk from there

    no I don't have a Skype, sorry:(

    I said it to talk from there,I 'm from spain,I am twenty eight years old

    I'm 14 and I'm from the U.S. Sorry I didn't understand what you meant :/

    do you need a book to read?

    It costs me a bit to express myself in English

    it's ok I feel you, learning another language is hard :)

    a little hard if it is to learn English that's why I want to improve it

    I know, it is very hard, but it is possible

    do you need a book to read?

    How can I improve my English? Do you recommend any book?

    Do you want a book to help you learn, or just for fun?

    Estamos tratando el tema de saludos en ingles, la pregunta es: How do you do? creo que sería: Qué haces? ó Cómo te va? en español, pero me han tachado ambas posibilidades. Soy 000xyz000. Qué puedes decir al respecto?

    sería: cómo lo haces.

    Hello, my name is Evelyn. Ok, thank you.

    My name is Josue, no problem, lets start by why did you decide to learn English?

    hello, my name is Juan, nice too meet you Evelyn. Where you from?

    Hello, my name is Eduardo, nice to meet you Josue. I will need your support

    Hello Eduardo, nice to meet you too, I am here to help :)

    thank you very much. ¡Saludos desde México!

    let's begin by what made you want to learn English?

    Apenas estoy comenzando, me gustaría hablarlo y escribirlo y que mejor que mantener conversaciones con personas que lo dominan.

    yep, I is so much easier to learn with someone whos dominate language is that language.

    what do you like to do for fun?

    draw, read, run, listen to music and you?

    I like to play PVZ GW1, read, nerf wars, building the hardest, most complicated Lego build, building things, and shooting my siblings with my nerf gun :P

    hola Amigo

    quiero saber si hay guía de como pronunciar el ingles.

    gracias josue por tu disponibilidad, igualmente te comento que soy hablante nativa del español (México) y también pudiera ayudarte si lo necesitas. saludos

    thanks! But I here to help you.

    Hello my dear, my name is Candy, I am from venezuela, I am twenty one years old... My job is sales assistant, And you ?

    My name is Josue, I'm from the U.S. I am 14 years old, and I work at a Carpentry shop.

    Ohhh !! Omg !!! you are a small boy !!! :O because they work at a young age?

    no, I don't officially work, legally I have to be 16 to work, but I am not working full hours.

    I am definitely not like most kids.....

    Hi! I want to improve my english too, and I am a native spanish speaker so I can help you in spanish.

    That's why I'm here:) let's start by, what made you want to learn English?

    Hola!! Gracias por ofrecer tu ayuda estamos en contacto

    solo publique cuando esté listo :)

    Hi, I need your help

    Hello JEFFERSONP1612, That's why I'm here! what is your problem?

    hello josue, It's a pleasure to meet you friend, my name is Salomón, i´m form México, i´m 19 year old, my english is very bad and would be a pleasure to learnd from you .

    Hello salomon641972 I am 14 years old, and I'm from the U.S. don't worry that's why i'm here!:)

    P.S. it's "learn" and you have to capitalize the "E" in English

    hello josue i´m Janet and i´m from Chile. It whould be nice talk with you, because that way you can help me with my english and I can help you with the spanish. Where are you from?

    I'm from Oklahoma, U.S.

    hola, soy una niña de 11 años con muchas ganas de aprender ingles, trank you

    Hello July253966 it's great that you want to learn English!!

    P.S. It's Thank

    Hi Josue, thanks i would like to learn english. Si te puedo ayudar en algo con el español con gusto desde Colombia.

    that's why I'm here:) thanks.

    Hi Josue. I'm Gabriela, I'm 19 years old. I'm wondering if you can help me with my english and I will help you with your spanish and if we can talk by whatsapp if you feel comfortable just let me know. thank you and have a nice day :)! Sorry if I said something wrong and you dont understand me

    Hi Gabriela, I'm 14 years old. Yes, I can help you with your English. I understood you just fine:)

    P.S. You have to capitalize the E in English:)

    Hi, I'm from Venezuela and I currently live in Uruguay

    Hello, I live in Oklahoma, U.S. what made you want to learn English?

    Hello my name is Juan and I´m from Chile, I´m trirty six years old, nice to meet you Josue.

    Hello Juan, I'm from Oklahoma, I'm 14 years old.

    P.S. it's "Thirty."

    hello !!! my name is kiara, i'm fourteen years old, i study english here in colombian, i want learn english because a love your country and your lenguage. my difficulty is listening and although I have looked for how to practice, I have not been able to improve. I'm in the sixth semester of English and I think I'm going to lose it because I have not been able to overcome

    don't worry, I'm here to help:)

    como me podrías ayudar a aprender ingles?

    I can do many thing to help you, I could, answer any questions you have about English, I could help you practice by starting a conversation, etc.

    Hi! Josue, I am an student english. soy nuevo en el idioma, y me encantaría aprenderlo. ¿por que quiero aprenderlo? porque principal es una carrera que pronto estudiare en la universidad ( Idiomas Modernos) me encanta mucho el idioma, aprender la cultura de los demas paises, y como conviven. siempre dese pequeño me ha gustado el ingles principalmente, en la secundaria siempre era mi mate mas alta. y pues... es la que mas amo. me he puesto hacer mis cursos online pero dejo de hacerlo, porque me cuesta con el tiempo y pues. quisiera retomar un curso ya que estoy apunto de comenzar mi carrera. Quisiera pedirte tu ayuda, para mejorar en el idioma y poder decir, que gracias a un usuario compañero de Doulingo fue mi profesor, fue la persona que me hizo surgir en el idioma. Anhelo tu ayuda hermano. Gracias y Espero tu Respuesta.

    I am here to help those who struggle with English, or have questions. :)

    All you need to do is post when you have a question.

    ok thanks i am from Mexico , where are you from?

    I am from the U.S. what do you like to do for fun?

    hola josue estoy aprendiendo por este medio y mi pregunta es la siguiente tengo muchos errores al usar a y an habra alguna manera facial de recordar cuando uso uno o el otro gracias

    could you be a little bit more specific?

    hello josue , nice to meet you, thanks for your help, i need it

    no worries that's why I'm here :) what's your problem?

    Hola me llamo Emanuel tengo 15 años y me gustaría entablar una conversación básica con alguien que sepa ingles me ayudas porfavor.

    Hello Emanuel, nice to meet you. We can start by, what made you want to learn English?

    Hi Josue, I have some questions for you: When do you use "other" and when do you use "another"? What is the difference between them?

    (Sorry if I made a mistake.)

    ("Sorry" or "excuse me")

    You didn't make any mistakes! :) Other (adjective)

    Other is an adjective meaning 'different' or 'the second of two items'.
    Other can be used with singular or plural nouns. Here are some examples :

    There's some water left in this bottle. The other bottle is empty. Some children learn quickly but other children need more time. I can't find my other shoe. Have you got any other questions?

    Other can be used before 'one' or 'ones' when the meaning is clear from the text.

    I’m not going to wear this dress. I prefer the other one. These shoes don’t go well with the dress. The other ones look better.

    Other/others (pronoun)

    Other can also be a pronoun to refer to things or people. The plural form is others.

    80% of the students arrive on time. The others (the other students) are always late. There are two cookies left. You have one and I'll have the other. Only half of the guests have arrived. Where are the others?

    Another (adjective)

    When we use ‘an’ before ‘other’, we write it as one word: another. Another expresses quantity. It means 'additional' or 'one more'.

    We use another with singular nouns: another chair, another day.

    There are six people for dinner but there are only 5 plates. We need another plate. This cake is delicious. Could I have another slice please? Please give me another chance. I promise to try harder.

    Another can be used before a plural noun when that noun is preceded by a number, or words/phrases such as a couple of, few etc.

    The investigation will take another two weeks/couple of weeks.

    Another can be used before “one” when the meaning is clear from the preceding text.

    You’ve already had an ice-cream. You can’t have another one.

    Another can also mean ‘an alternative’ or ‘different’

    This place isn’t great. Is there another place we could go to? I'm not happy with this product. Next time I'll buy another brand. Another (pronoun)

    We can use another as a pronoun:

    The text is corrected by one person, then edited by another.

    excuse me is when you are trying to get through to somewhere, and sorry is when you accidentally do something like when you accidentally step on someone's toes.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Thank you very much, Josue.

    Como hago para pronunciar mejor las cosas, me puedo aprenderlas, escribirlas pero no pronuncio bien.

    you could look up videos on Youtube to improve your pronunciation:)

    I want to improve my English to surprise my mom

    that is great! later on in your life you will be grateful you learned English.

    Yes !! tranks ! :) you are students?

    yes I am a student.

    P.S. it's "Thanks"

    what does it mean P.S ???

    Josue tambien hablo español. Puedo ayudarte si quieres.

    Mi idioma nativo es el español.

    thanks, but I am here to help you:)

    what does it mean P.S ???

    Hola Josue, soy nativo de Español, puedo enseñarte y corregir tus errores. I want to improve my english. Follow me and we´ll to talk ^^

    ok thanks, but I here to help you :)

    hola soy de venezuela tengo 21 años y tengo una duda, "check" que yo sepa es cheque. no pagar. cuando uno dice I want to pay a check, please. estamos diciendo: quiero pagar un cheque por favor. no estamos diciendo: quiero pagar la cuenta. si yo digo I want to pay a check, please. estaria pasando pena en la calle jajaja. alquien que me explique please.

    it's "I want to pay with a check."

    entonces la traducción esta mala. tiene muchos errores

    what tense is it in?

    Hi Mariannys en este idioma al igual que en todos los idiomas una misma palabra tiene diferentes interpretaciones... esto es como todo en la vida no todo es negro ni todo es blanco existen matices.... Bendiciones.

    Hola quiero aprender mas con alguien que ya sepa y sea de aya. Mas o menos tengo las bases de Ingles pero me falta practica con alguien de aya !!!

    that's why I'm here let's start by what made you want to learn English?

    Por interés y porque es el idioma que en la mayoría de países lo saben hablar ...

    hello ,my name is albaro,speake spanish,but I want to learn English, I would like you to help me

    that's why I'm here, leats start by what made you want to learn English?

    hola tienes skype?

    I don't have a Skype, sorry :(

    Hello, my name is Gilberto, i am from Mexico. and is necesari to my job speak well English in allitle time if you have "skype", I would like that add me to your contacts and practies English ovi usle if you want help me.

    I don't have a Skype, sorry :(

    Hello Josue, it is me again, I have more quetions for you: When do you use "neither" and when do you use "nor"? What is the difference between them? (Another little question: Is it also correct to say: "among them"?)

    Neither allows us to make a negative statement about two people or things at the same time. Neither goes before singular countable nouns. We use it to say ‘not either’ in relation to two things.

    Neither parent came to meet the teacher. (The mother didn’t come and the father didn’t come.)

    Neither dress fitted her. (There were two dresses and not one of them fitted her.)

    We use neither of before pronouns and plural countable nouns which have a determiner (my, his, the) before them:

    Neither of us went to the concert.

    Neither of the birthday cards was suitable.

    In formal styles, we use neither of with a singular verb when it is the subject. However, in informal speaking, people often use plural verbs:

    Neither of my best friends was around.

    Neither of them were interested in going to university.

    In speaking, we can use neither on its own in replies when we are referring to two things that have already been mentioned:

    A: Mike, which would you prefer, tea or coffee?

    B: Neither thanks. I’ve just had a coffee.

    We can use neither as a conjunction with nor. It connects two or more negative alternatives. This can sound formal in speaking:

    Neither Brian nor his wife mentioned anything about moving house. (Brian didn’t mention that they were moving house and his wife didn’t mention that they were moving house.)

    Neither Italy nor France got to the quarter finals last year.

    The less formal alternative is to use and … not … either:

    Italy didn’t get to the quarter finals last year and France didn’t either.

    Not with neither and nor When a clause with neither or nor is used after a negative clause, we invert the subject and the verb after neither and nor:

    He hadn’t done any homework, neither had he brought any of his books to class.

    We didn’t get to see the castle, nor did we see the cathedral.

    We use neither and nor + auxiliary/modal verb + subject to mean ‘also not’:

    Examples: A: I hate snakes. I can’t even look at a picture of a snake.

    B: Neither can I.

    Not: I can’t also.

    A: Jacqueline doesn’t drive.

    B: Nor does Gina.

    Not: Gina doesn’t also.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Thank a lot for your useful explanation. I congratulate you on your ability to do this and for being available to help those who need it

    thanks! I just like helping people :)

    Hi, i'm from venezuela, here surviving and trying to learn english

    Hello, I am from the U.S.Good you will find English a very useful tool.

    Hi, Josue, my name is Julieth i 'm from Colombia, how are you?'

    Hello JuliethLeo, I', from the U.S. I am great! how about you?

    Hi! well I''ll like to practice my english

    I need to practice very hard

    Hello! let's start by what made you want to learn English?

    Hola Josué, mi nombre es Francisco, me gustaría tener comunicación contigo para ir aprendiendo inglés, tiene menos de una semana que comencé el curso, y con mucho gusto ayudarte a perfeccionar tu español. Vivo en la Ciudad de México

    hello! Josue. I´m from mexico, i like very much the English. if you want learn or to practice your Spanish you can do it with me. See you

    hi, I'm Marcela from Peru I would like practice English

    ok, lets start by what do you like to do for fun?

    Hi , josue . I like writing when I have time and I like watching movies

    I like reading, playing nerf wars, running, and shooting my siblings with my nerf gun :P

    hello my name is william, i am from colombia, i am twelvw years old

    hello William! my name is Josue, and I'm from the U.S.

    P.S. it's twelve

    hola mi nombre es Leticia y me gustaría hacerte una pregunta porque How do you do? significa mucho gusto o como esta usted?

    Hola Jossue congratulations! es muy lindo lo que haces... se nota que eres muy linda persona. Bendiciones!

    Hola los invito a mi club de ingles Código del Club: JDCWPQ

    gracias juanpaez1298 por tu invitacion

    Saludos a todos, agradecido de la tecnología y su buen uso para el aprendizaje. Greetings to all, grateful for the technology and its good use for learning.

    hola soy una persona que estoy buscando trabajo y en la mayoria de empresas necesitan q sepa ingles como requisito

    Hola soy Dailis, me gustaría aprender a escribir y hablar el ingles. ¿ Como me podrías ayudar? Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos.

    hello my name is Sofia i'm am from Colombia (is the best country of the world) and i am eleven years old, thaks for you provicion

    Hello, my name is Alexa. I need to improve my english by different reasons. The most important in short is beacuse i have to make a English exam for a masters degree. I'm interested why yo want to learn Spanish, are you living in Mexico? I will be glad if you read this post. Thanks

    necesito ayuda para aprender ingles y poder concegir trabajo

    hola, como estas ?

    yo bien gracias y tu?

    Superando metas poco a poco y a mi me falta mucho

    hello. thank you Josue . I need help

    Hello guys, I am sorry to tell everyone this, but I will not be able to answer any questions to help you guys, because I won't have a device to use Duolingo. I am really sorry, but I as soon as I have a device to use I will tell you guys. Sorry again.



    But when summer is over, if I still haven't found a device to use I will be able to answer your questions.

    Again REALLY SORRY:(

    hello como estas estoy prendiendo ingles y necesito ayuda soy de ecuador eternamente agradecida por tu ayuda

    Hello Josue. Thanks for you help. I want to learn Englis. Emmmm, i from Mexico and i love the read books.

    Aprende inglés en solo 5 minutos diarios. Completamente gratis.