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  5. "I do not see her anywhere."

"I do not see her anywhere."

Translation:Já ji nikde nevidím.

May 2, 2018



"Ji nevidím nikde!" .. possible?


No, ji wants to be in the second position.


Thanks Vlada!


So it means, that Czech doesn't have free word order?

Because I don't see any difference between: "Já ji nikde nevidím" and "Já nevidím ji nikde" (and second sentence was reported as wrong word order).

I put emphasis on the word nikde (so it is at end of the sentence)

Edit: Já nikde ji nevidím. - That is wrong too? (Duo says that is wrong)


The order is not completely free, but it is very free. See the Tips and notes about clitics. "ji" is a clitic.


Nikde and Nekde both are translated as "anywhere". (Nikde nejsou = They are not anywhere.) (Prodavaji to nekde = Are they selling it anywhere.) What is the distinction between these two adverbs?


nowhere = not anywhere = nikde

somewhere = anywhere in certain questions = někde

One is positive, one is negative.

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