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New Updates

So, I haven't been on Duolingo in a while, and now that I'm back I have to admit I'm a tiny bit lost. Will someone please tell me why Duolingo took away practicing a specific part of a lesson??? I get the thing with the crowns.... new level = new color, 5 levels to each lesson, gold = completed... Right? That was all. I just need to try to understand how to work with this new version a little bit better. Thanks.

May 2, 2018



I don’t have answers, but more questions: Why these very small, well tiny letters? We people with large fingertips and small iPad have difficulty in hitting the right answers. And what became of the “bots”. I miss them, but gone they are!

Moreover I have more than a hard time trying to figure out why we have both lingots, XP’s and gems! Best regards Hans


When you do the practice exercises, weight lifting icon, does this contribute to leveling up? I've tried to notice the numbers going up as I complete them, but I haven't noticed them going up. Maybe I'm just missing it.. Does anyone know?

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