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Put clubs on Duolingo laptops.

I would love to see clubs on laptops.

May 2, 2018



yeah, I'm currently on a laptop right now.

It's so absurd that if you, for example, work on different type of devices, the features are completely different.


Duolingo laptop?

There's no special version for that, lol

There's just the mobile app and the web version
(That said, it would be nice to have access to clubs on web rather than the app)


no, I meant the different type of devices, (e.g pc, iPads, phones, pc, laptops)

But yes, it would be nice to have clubs on the web page as well


I would like to see Clubs on the web version, as well, as that's where I do most of my practice on DuoLingo.


Same here, I love the club feature!

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