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    Is it worth it to learn German?

    May 2, 2018


    that is a question only you can answer for yourself:

    if you are interested in german language, german speaking countries, german culture, (german) literature, sience, philosophy, economy etc. or if you are planing to live in a german speaking country, to study at a german university or if you are planing any kind of business career, then yes.

    if you are not interested in any of those things, not planing a business career etc., then it would not make sense for you to learn it. since you would probably not keep going anyway

    ps. since you even think of asking this kind of question, i assume you're interest in learning german is probably rather low. (that is only my personal thinking though)

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      Wow, you actually read my mind completely. You seem to be a very smart person! I hope you enjoy your life and education <3

      i am a little surprised that you took the time to write a "personal reply" to almost every comment. thanks. hope you will be able to figure out soon, wich is the "perfect language" for you to learn .

      ps. may i ask wich anime you took your profile pic from?

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        This site was very useful. Ty :)

        knowledge is power.

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          Agreed! :D

          German is a language. Every language is worth learning. It would let you have a better understanding about German culture and also you can hear some German words in other languages. So you can understand a little bit in multiply languages that would have German words in.

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            Very wise words that every language is worth learning. I love how educated the Duolingo community is compared to youtube haha!


            It depends on what you want to do and what you are interested in. For example, if you'd like to live and work in Germany or Austria or the German-speaking part of Switzerland, then it is certainly advisable to learn German.

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              You have a good point there. The main reason of why a person should learn a language is if they have interest in going to live in the chosen area. Kind of you to take the time to say that <3


              Absolutely. The English language gets many of its stuff from Germany, and it's just a cool, easy language to learn. Even if you aren't planning to go to Germany or do anything you'd use this in, it's still cool to broaden your mind and be bi- or multilingual. You can confuse people. You can be one of those people who speaks several languages. Others will be like "HOW YOU DO THE THING WITH YOUR MOUTH" and respect that about you. It's definitely worth it to learn German.

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              For some people it's worth to learn a language that most people don't even know exists. German is a pretty big and useful language but whether it's worth for you only you can know.

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                I completely agree with your points. Gl on your learning experience <3


                Learning anything keeps your brain fit. Learning such a complex thing like a language really trains your brain. And further more you can use it and it can be an advantage for your carreer.

                Nearly no language is difficult or unimportant enough not to be worth it to be learned.

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                  I like the sound of a brain in good shape. I'm sure your brain is on fire by now from the hard work you put in! <3

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                    You made some really nice experience with Duolingo. Thanks for your tip! Gl with the rest of your life <3


                    Worth it? I don't know. It's worth my time. It might be worth yours too. Who knows? It's a major language of the world, so in my view, there's no real risk of it not being useful globally. But only you can say whether it really grabs you, or whether you'll ever use it, etc.

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                      Very wise words from a wonderful person such as yourself. I'll keep that comment in mind. Continue being wonderful and awesome forever!

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