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I coded an app for practising Spanish verb conjugations, please let me know what you think

I find Spanish verb conjugation practise can be a bit tricky. I usually use a textbook but once you've completed the exercises once it's used up. So I made an app that lets you choose what tenses/ verbs you want to practise, then conjugate verbs over and over again. I've love to hear what you guys think of it:


I hope this isn't spammy as I think this it's a genuinely useful resource!

Please let me know any feedback / issues!

May 2, 2018



You made this app? I think it’s fantastic! Someone else linked it on a previous discussion and I actually have it bookmarked. One of the best such conjugation trainers I have tried. I like how easy it is to choose custom settings to train specific tenses and verb groups. One setting I wish it had would be to be able to choose to specifically practise ar, er or ir verbs. Also, when I enter specific verbs in choose, it seems I also have to get other regular or irregular verbs. It would be nice if I could just practice the verbs I enter. Overall, amazing though..a very helpful tool to practice verbs! Edit: i figured out how to use the enter specific verbs option, and it works really well so another great setting! I do think the ‘score’ at the end is a bit complicated, Personally I would rather just see how many I verbs I got correct. Like 18/20 or something. I think having scores for speed and such is not really helpful for me, but I guess some people might like it. All in all though, the best conjugation trainer I have tried!


I've just changed it so you can see correct answers like 18 / 20


Wow, rhat was quick! Thank you for taking my suggestion! I am focusing on really getting the Preterite down, and this is helping me so much!

A few more suggestions... I actually preferred the previous answer... when you just saw the correct answer instead of the whole chart (or maybe it was always a chart and I didn’t notice before). I just like to see the correct answer in a quick glance. However, i do see how the chart is a nice idea some people might like. My suggestion would be instead of making the correct answer bold, make the text different colour (preferably green), so it is visible with a quick glance. I find colour easier to see than font.

Also, if one was able to select er, ir and ar verbs...separetly... it would be perfect.

Definately an amazing tool though! Thankyou for making it!!


I added the ability to test er, ir and ar verbs separately :)

The answer format was indeed always like that. I will experiment with different colours, thanks for the idea!


Perfecto!!!! Thankyou so much for taking my suggestion!!! Now this is truly the perfect app for mastering those tricky conjugations! Muchas gracias!!!


Just tried it, and here is my one round feedback:

  • It was an enjoyable and useful learning tool. Well done! I liked the possibility to tune the complexity of the exercise. I think this can be extended to tackle grammar topics other than verbs.

  • The exercise brings back questions where I gave wrong answers until they're all answered correctly. That is one way to go (and similar to duolingo's lesson format). Another way is to show the initial score and offer the option to redo the exercise or proceed to the next.

  • Is the score explained somewhere on the app page? Because for instance I didn't understand the significance of my accuracy score, and in general the numbers did not offer me any feedback on how well (actually how bad) I did. If I may offer a suggestion, how about showing the results on a relative scale? For instance, you can use a numerical fraction, a color-coded bar, or some other visual indicator that gives feedback on performance.


thanks! - what sort of grammar topics d'you have in mind? I'm definitely interested in adding more stuff beyond conjugations. - Yeah I thought about different approaches for this. I want to keep the sessions nice and snappy but also ensure you have to learn the stuff to get to the end, and I thought this was the right balance. I could maybe a hard limit of say 25 questions just so it never drags out for too long! - So the accuracy score: 100 + 900 * percentage of answers correctly answered. so it's always between 100 - 1000. I agree I should explain these better, so I might add tooltips to do this. I'll also add the number of questions correct e.g. 10/11.


If I may put in my two cents... please don’t add/ change too much. There are many good resources out there for vocab... flashcard apps and stuff.. but this is a really excellent conjugation trainer. For me the simplicity of it is a large part of its appeal. Like you say ‘nice and snappy’ do just focus on specific skills it is perfect!


As a beginner, I often confuse ser with estar, por with para, and le with lo and la (direct with indirect pronouns), so I'd welcome the chance to practice those concepts till they sink in, although I'm not sure if other learners struggle with them like I do. Passive voice would also be a good topic if you haven't already covered it in the exercises (I didn't see it among the options so I'm assuming it's not included in the exercises either). If you plan on catering to learners of all levels, then you can add easier topics like adjectives and gender nouns for total beginners. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge of Spanish doesn't allow me to give that many suggestions, but I hope you can get better topic recommendations from more advanced learners. Good luck, and thank you for making this really helpful app.


Hi! I also think you've done an amazing job, and that it will be really useful, especially for schools. Since you asked for feedback, though, I have three things you might want to look at:

  • The voiceover doesn't seem to be... quite Spanish? It says "south east" instead of the reflexive "se," for example, and the accent is off.

  • The score might need more explanation. My score was 2000 (ish) and I didn't quite understand what that means. (I think I did well?) Maybe you can add lightboxes with an explanation, like the duo grammar notes? I'm sure that people with different goals would like to work on different aspects of their score.

  • Maybe I just didn't notice it, but it would be nice to have a list of which exactly the "common" and "all" verbs are? Choosing new and/or unknown verbs off a list will be very useful for the more advanced learners who want to work on their vocab in addition to their conjugation.

Other than the above, it's really very well done! Thank you for sharing!


I've changed it so it shows you the info just as questions correct / questions answers, time taken in seconds, and shows you how score is calculated


I think it's excellent, very useful indeed. I particularly liked the way you can select a specific verb and practice the various conjugations. However, you need to sort out the 'you' conjugations. Comes is certainly correct for You eat, but was marked wrong.

I also didn't like the drop down box for when you got an answer wrong. Simply repeating I eat, he eats, she eats isn't helpful, I know those, but I wanted to know why my answer was wrong.

So being able to select a particular personal pronoun eg. You familiar (tu), You formal (usted), You plural formal latin America and Spain (Ustedes), You plural informal Spain (Vosotros) would be incredibly helpful as I think this is an area that many people want to practice.

Also forcing people to input the correct pronoun when the gender changes would be helpful too. Eg, He eats, el come, She eats, ella come, they eat (fem) ellas comen etc.


Thanks! You can practise a particular personal pronoun! You select them in the 'people' menu on the left hand side.


Hi Andrew, i'm a native Spanish speaker and your app is really really amazing!!! Could you do the same for French? that'd be great


I might add French in the future, but I don't speak any myself, so it's a little hard to do properly!


How did you make it? It is a really fun and good app! Me gusta! I also bookmarked it.


Thanks! It's built with JavaScript (TypeScript) + React


This is a fantastic drill tool.


Im in High School and in Español Dos and this is the section i have most trouble in so when i say your post i became mucho emocionado! I thought this was a great tool for any one that is in need of help in any Español course! keep up the great work mi amigo!!


Thank you. I was in need of focusing just on the various verb tenses and your app is perfect. Although now I must pay attention to accent marks LOL. Anyway thank you again so much!


I don't know if it is spam or not. But it is awesome! I had not seen another app like this (well, I'm a native speaker of Spanish, I don't search for them). Congratulations and thanks.


Because you said app I was going to close this, but instead I clicked the link and there's a web version too!!!

The interface is simple, clean and most importantly the app/site does it's job really well. There are options for selecting the tenses you want to practice (you can select any number and combination of tenses!!) There are options to include, exclude or have only reflexive and irregular verbs, and you can choose if you want to practice all the verbs, or only the common ones. This must have been hell of a task, and I think you might have learnt a lot of verbs really well while making this!!

Thank you for creating this. Spanish conjugation is very difficult, and I will definitely use this to improve it. I hope that your app becomes very popular, and you're able to monetize it in some way.


It's really good! Thank you


Thanks. I will start using this right away!

[deactivated user]

    It's really good in my opinion, I don't have anything bad to say about it, I like how you can choose to focus on certain tenses and pronouns and choose whether you want to use irregular verbs or not, common verbs only or more, I think it has a lot of choice, bien hecho.


    I did it for like 2 seconds and think its exactly what I have been looking for! No inputs right now but will continue to play it and see what I think! First Lingot I have ever given, Thanks!

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    Hi Andrew. Did you take your site down? I was using it and then al of a sudden it has gone to a completely blank screen.


    I love it!!!!!


    That is awesome, great job!

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    This is really impressive. I have tried it a couple of times , each time figuring out how it works. For conjugation practice, it is really helpful.

    A suggestion, but may not be possible, is there a setting to do the reverse i.e. here is the Spanish, translate into English??

    Can I ask? How did you do this?


    Thanks, I don't currently have the data to do Spanish -> English. I'd like to test the english translations of the infinitives though!


    Me gusta mucho! Muchas gracias!


    Me gusta que es simple y solo para practicar los verbos. Realmente necesito hacerlo. Muchas gracias!


    I think you should add a tutorial, because when I tried it the first time I was completely lost. I had to get some wrong to know what to do.

    1. This is awesome. I love it.
    2. Google Chrome was automatically translating the page into English, and I was very, very confused at first. I realized what was going on and once I turned off the automatic translation, we were golden.


    Thanks, Andrew. This is a really useful app!


    ¿Qué pasó con la página web? Ahora está en blanco.

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    Thank you!
    It is way better then Memrise which I used earlier.


    Hello! The app is great. I use it a lot to practice. I do think there is an improvement to be made however: the selection of verbs does not seem to be quite random. Sometimes I get the same word 2 or 3 times in a row. Perhaps it should exclude verb/conjugation pairs that have already been answered correctly in the same set. Also when specifying a custom list of verbs it seems like some of the verbs are never used. Thanks for your work.

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