"Nyuzi za nguo"

Translation:Threads of clothes

May 2, 2018

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Why is threads of cloth not right? You can't tell can you if it it singular or plural? Za refers to nyuzi, I think.


You're right. Generally nguo refers to items of clothing, not just cloth, which is more likely to be kitambaa, I think. So "threads of a garment / an item of clothing" ... but that sounds a bit stranger than "clothes".


So "threads of the clothing is wrong? btw, greatuser, thanks for you many helpful comments on this forum.


Both "thread" and "threads" should be acceptable. In English it's unnatural to speak of "threads of clothes". Thread is also used when referring to the conglomerate of threads in a garment. "Do you have anymore thread like this? I need to sew a patch on this shirt." You speak about "loose threads" and "threads coming loose". People don't speak about "threads of clothes". So I'm wondering about the context in which Swahili speakers use "nyuzi za nguo". It would be interesting to know that. It would add a nice cultural element to our learning of Swahili.


Why can't you have "Threads of the clothes"?


I agree "threads of clothes" is not natural in English.


Should be:

"clothing thread -"

meaning thread intended for clothing (i.e. clothes);

though (not here, where 'nguo,' is the context) it would be correct to say:

"cloth thread(s)-"

meaning thread(s) made of cloth material, not, say, 'copper threads.'


what does this even mean? I put "Clothing threads," which has an actual meaning.


If you would clarify - what does this even mean, what "this?"

Now, since 'clothing' and 'threads' are synonyms for garments in general, rather perhaps - "various clothing thread" carries your actual meaning.

Usage of 'thread - threads' is seen as restrictive, reminiscent of 'fish - fishes,' 'water - waters,' etc.


ha, ha, tricky with your choices of clothes/close! ;-)

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