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Chinese ruined by typing update

My mom is Taiwanese and I have made many attempts to learn Mandarin since I was 12, but it was always too hard. Now I’m 29. I thought when Duolingo added Chinese it was amazing and I would finally be able to learn Mandarin. I quickly got to level 6 but got busy with life and put it on the backburner. Now I’ve started playing with Norwegian and Polish because they were easy and it’s hard to go back to the Chinese course after taking a few months break. Like, the learning curve was already high due to being forced to learn to read characters. Which I am opposed to because it’s extremely difficult and it’s not how Chinese children learn Chinese - it’s NOT NATURAL. But Duolingo made the learning of characters nonetheless relatively easy with a passive way to intake the information, so when I saw how they did it I figured this was the best I’m gonna get and highly approved.

But now they just added a typing requirement with no pinyin option. So I’m screwed. I officially give up on learning my mom’s language. I believe Chinese teachers push the characters to make their language more esoteric and keep students coming back giving them more money. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new update rolled out by Duolingo which also affects Japanese and Russian were an idea pushed by the Chinese teachers. Yeah yeah I know they give excuses for teaching this way - it’s supposedly better. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Sure maybe if you have a private Chinese tutor teaching you on the daily for 3 hours and your actual end goal is to be able to read and be fully fluent, it might be more “effective.” But for the casual learner, it’s the death knell. Zài jiàn!!!

May 3, 2018

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*I should say, the casual learner who just wants to be able to have a basic conversation in Mandarin.

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