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Spaced Repetition Question

I have quite a number of words learned that are in the "Overdue" category. I would think that these words would be showing up in my daily study, but they don't. Am I understanding this correctly? Does Duolingo provide spaced repetition study?

May 3, 2018



With the new crown system, skills don't decay so the only way to get spaced repetition is to use the practice button, either on the sidebar or for the individual skills once they've been maxed out to 5 crowns.

The practice feature is supposed to use spaced repetition, but many of us have noticed that it's highly flawed as evident by many words never coming up in practice or not being strengthened despite being practiced. If you click on the word in the words list, the skill that the word is from is shown and you can practice that specific skill if you've maxed it out to 5 crowns. But even then, there's no guarantee that the word will come up or that it'll be strengthened. This is something that many of us have observed and are frustrated about.


The skills actually do continue to decay. However, you don't see that information unless you use the third party skill strength viewer.


In part, thanks to the blesses crowns system - no.


Yeah, I know the crown system was supposed to encourage people, and make people more motivated to spend more time, I've found I'm drifting off since it is in place.

I used to try and maintain my trees as gold, and the spaced repetation reminders when skills lost their gold was big motivation.

I find myself doing the bare minimum each day now. I've lost motivation because of the crown system. It isn't fun anymore.


Since the crown system was implemented the activity level of our club has really dropped. It dropped to the point the most everyone is usually inactive.


It has been at least two years that a high proportion -- up to 50% -- of words always have low strength, even when each skill is at 100%. I believe this was a fix for a problem that occurred when all words are at 100% strength, namely, that "Strengthen Skills" exercises presented the same few items over and over again. I don't think there is anything that a user can do to raise all words to full strength.


If you want to do it word-by-word, in the LAPTOP version, you can, 1) go into the word list, 2) For the word you want to strengthen, click on Part of Speech, 3) A box will pop up on the right. Under Skill, click on the word there. .... This will bring up practice exercises. This is a bit laborious, yes. But usually if you identify a Skill where you have a weak word, you will have a bunch of weak words in that skill.


Unfortunately, that word list isn't available for all languages for some odd reason.

[deactivated user]

    what about going for a placement test every now and then?


    I didn't realize you could start a lesson that way. Thanks for that. Still, when started a lesson from a particular word that was 2 bars, that word didn't come up in the lesson at all. I don't know there has ever been any good way to target particular weak words. That is not unique to the crown system.

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