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"Du trinkst also jeden Morgen ein Glas Knoblauchsaft…"

Translation:So you drink a glass of garlic juice every morning…

May 3, 2018



That's one sure way to get a seat on the U-Bahn..


It also cures onion breath instantly.


Lecker, lecker, lecker...


Germans are so disgusting. I'm Pole and here we prefer real dainty- onion juice.


Popular amongst German vampire slayers.


Knoblauchsaft? Is that a thing?

I know duolingo has some silly sentences, and this may be one. But drinking garlicjuice may be popular in Germany. Does anyone know?


Thanks. One can never be quite sure. In Brazil, the butterfly wants me to take him to the theater. ("A borboleta quer que eu a leve ao teatro.") That one was pretty obviously silly. But there was one German sentence wherein a horse was eating the Holy Potato. I learned later that the Holy Potato exists.


Not anymore if the horse ate it.


What is the role of "also" in this sentence? Why is it needed?


Haha...Is this an actual 'Sprichwort' or just a Duolingo creation?


Duo creation. I suppose the ellipsis ("...") at the end is intended to show that the speaker is sceptical of this strange-sounding claim.


i thought Saft can be only made out of fruits. clearly not the case in German speaking countries?

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Carrot juice in the UK, but I have not tasted it.


Curious: Garlic is a strong stimulant. Adding it to recipes, itself felt wrong, many a times. However drinking it's juice, is it healthy?


This program is not meant to give health or medical advice. It's supposed to teach you how to say things in other languages, and in this case, how to translate a given sentence. If it tells me to translate a sentence that means "is there a restaurant near here?" or say it out loud, it doesn't mean that I'm hungry and need to find a restaurant.

In this case, the ellipsis at the end makes the tone skeptical.


Why not Therefore you drink....? Also often means therefore?

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