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  5. 八楼 or 第八个楼?


八楼 or 第八个楼?

  1. Why is it 我们住在第八楼。instead of 我们住在第八个楼。?

  2. Why is there 附近 in 你家附近的环境怎么样??

  3. If 说话声音不要太大 is translated as "Don't speak too loud,", then why is there 声音 if 说话 itself means 'to speak'?


May 3, 2018



1) 个 is a classifier in the statement of 我们住在第八个楼 . However, the classifier for 楼 is not 个, but 层. The correct statement with classifier is 我们住在第八层楼.

2) In this statement, 附近 is similar to "at" in the English version of "How is the environment at your home". Without 附近 in the statement, it is not giving any indication to the question regarding 家. With 附近, it is specifically asking the environment surrounding 家. One can also ask 你家里的环境怎么样 (meaning, how is the environment in your home)

3) 说话声音不要太大 , to be translated literally, is: "speaking voice do not be too big". Literal translation is grammatically incorrect in English, so in order to be correct, only the core meaning is translated: Don't speak too loud.

Hope this helps!

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Interesting questions! Let me try offering my understanding.

  1. I feel that 我们住在第八楼 can be interpreted as either "we live in building No. eight" or "we live on the eighth floor". To disambiguate it in speaking, one way is to use the counting word "号“ or ”层“ explicitly, like "我们住在八号楼" or "我们住在第八层". If you say "我们住在第八个楼", I would guess it's mostly interpreted as 我们住在第八号楼 (the eighth building) depending on the context as "个" is a generic counting word.

  2. The word "附近"means nearby. You know that, right? It's used in this sentence to ask about the environment "outside" of your house. If you omit that word, I think people can still understand the question but the question be interpreted as asking about things inside the house (你家里的环境), or things immediately outside the house (你家外面的环境). With "附近", the question is clearer.

  3. Like your question above, without "声音", people can understand the meaning of the sentence, but it can be remotely interpreted as "Don't boast." as "说大话“ means to brag or to boast. With "声音" included, no more ambiguity.

I hope this is helpful.


1.because sometimes the eighth building is not the number eight building, in China, the apartment is not count the same in the other country, it has number orders on each building if it is an apartment.

2.你家附近的环境怎么样 is not saying that how is your home, it's saying the environment around your home.

3.声音 is sound, in Chinese 说话 only means the verb "Speaking" not also meaning the sound of your voice, it is different from english.

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  1. 第八楼/第八层楼 = 8th floor (american) or 7th floor (british). 第八个(栋/幢/座)楼 = building number 8.

  1. 楼itself could serve as the measure word for stories of building, so you don't need the个
  2. 附近could translate to nearby 环境 could translate to environment, so if you need to expressively say nearby your home instead of nearby anywhere else.
  3. 声音is the volume of your voice 说话 is to speak the language or to speak out. Hope that help.
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