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"Am Abend trinkt Duo mit Freunden in seinem Schloss Wein aus Frankreich."

Translation:In the evening, Duo drinks wine from France with friends in his castle.

May 3, 2018



As an English speaker from England, I would find the sentence structure of the English translation rather awkward.


the hard part is to get the english sentence structure correct, nobody would speak in such a way in real conversation


So many correct answers are rejected. Disgusting. Delete this question.


Kay so here's German sentence order: TMP. Time, manner place. When, how, where. After the verb, which HAS to be the second element in this sentence, any details that the sentence must be in TMP order. And if you were to put any of the TMP details as the first element, then the others would come after the verb in the same order. So, "Am Abend (Time), trinkt (verb) Duo (subject) mit Freunden (Manner) in seinem Schloss (Place) Wein aus Frankreich (direct object of Duo and trinkt). Hope that helped!


Duolingo doesn't seem to like "french wine", but forces "wine from France". As a native English (UK) speaker, this would be very unnatural in this sentence.


Soooo.... 'Wein aus Frankreich' is a direct object and therefore goes at the end?


Would a better translation be: "Am Abend trinkt Duo Wein aus Frankreich mit Freunden in seinem Schloß"?

The translation given seems quite weird to me, with "wine from France" tacked oddly onto the end of the sentence.


No, the direct object has to be at the end because of German TMP. See my comment below. (I know this is from two years ago, but just to help others who may stumble upon this :))


All of this was filled in?


Same thing happened to me


That sounds strange! If it happens again, take a screenshot and send a bug report. The Duolingo staff need to know about it. We volunteers can only help with the translations.



I get a lot of questions where answer is already filled in!


I had to listen several times to get this, again, not because the words were mispronounced or because I wouldn't recognize them individually, but because it said "Am Abend TRINKT Duo MIT Freunden..." It sounded totally different from the way a human would read the sentence.


The female audio seems to say "... in seinem Schlosswein, aus Frankreich". The pausal hiatuses need to be adjusted to put "Wein" with "aus Frankreich" rather than with "Schloss". The way it's said right now is bewildering if you don't read along when listening.


In the audio to text version of this question, it's not obvious that "Duo" is being used, because it sounds very like "du" (German for "you"). Just an observation. Thanks.


But it can't be du, because the verb is "trinkt", nicht "trinkst".


Duolingo is making Duo a rich guy, he has a castle already.

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