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Unserer or unsere?


which sentence is correct?

Du wirst in unsere WG aufgenommen.


Du wirst in unserer WG aufgenommen.

I'm German and can't answer this question! ^^

I would say “unsere”, but grammatically both sentences are correct and just mean slightly different things, don't they?

May 3, 2018



Well, actually your second sentence is correct. You would need the dative case since you can ask: Wo wirst du aufgenommen? The question word Where refers to the dative which would be "in unserer Wohngemeinschaft".

But German can be funny sometimes and that is why in some cases (often caused by dialectical reasons) there are several ways to say something. ;-))))


I would bet on "unsere" instead. Also Duden uses "aufnehmen in" + Akkusativ: https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/aufnehmen#Bedeutung4a

I interprete the sentence as being admitted to some institution (the WG, lit. "living community"), while where this happens is not stated, whereas in your interpretation with dative the person is admitted to something (not stated, implicit) in a place (the WG, shared flat). Both are actually possible, but I prefer mine ;-).

In unserer WG aufgenommen could also mean "recorded in our WG/flat/commune" ....

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Isn't WG referring to a shared flat or apartment. (depending if you are British or American ;-)


WG is Wohngemeinschaft i.e. "living/housing community", so in the literal sense it means a group of people sharing a flat, but in the extended sense it is also the flat that this group shares.

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Max.Em - Ich versuche dein zweites Konzept zu verstehen.


Mein zweites Konzept ist Dein erstes (a shared flat) ;-) Oder wo liegt das Problem?


i would think about this as an accusative case.

Dativ is the wem (whom) case. to me it does not fit together

Akkusativ whom or what case would be better:

In was wirst du aufgenommen? instead of In wem ( or von wem? wirst du aufgenommen?


Wo wirst du aufgenommen? would go well with Dativ.... Also "in was" can be Dativ, if "in was" (-> "worin") is a closed place. Easy to see if you use both possibilities to ask:

  • In wem oder was werde ich aufgenommen? (Dativ) (Du wirst im Badezimmer mit einer versteckten Kamera aufgenommen, scnr....)
  • In wen oder was werde ich aufgenommen? (Akkusativ) (Du wirst im Mondschein in den Orden der heiligen Kartoffel aufgenommen)

(This "wer oder was", "wessen", "wem oder was" and "wen oder was" is how I learned it in elementary school, pre-millennium)


Ja, ich kenn die Regeln :-) persönlich würde ich in diesem Fall dennoch Akkusativ wählen.


Sicher, genau wie ich ;-).


Sadly, i can't help as I'm not German... I can only really see the "admitted into" meaning... which suggests to me your unsere answer... May I ask what other meaning you are pondering? Is it that you will be recorded "in our flat", giving your unserer answer? or is it something else?
EDIT: I've just read Birgit's answer... I had thought accusative, supported by: sie wurde in den Verein aufgenommen which i found in Duden... but i know see that a club is not a place, so it did not apply. I'll shut up now : )


You had the right idea. A WG is both a place and an association/community, so you can choose which notion you want to point out...


many thanks.

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