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Why are you learning German?

Just wondering why you all are learning German...

I will start by telling you why I'am learning German... We travel a lot with our little Italian cars... And there are not a lot of meetings for these kind of cars in Holland... We came across a German website with people that have the same cars as we do... So after a while we dicided to go to meetings in Germany instead of Holland... We have met a lot of realy lovely and nice people... But as you can guess I didn't speak a word German... When I came across Duolingo I hoped that it was possible to learn a bit... But after being here for a little while I do understand the Germans better... Having a conversation is still hard but with hands and feed and a little bit of internet we manage to understand each other...

Hope you all will learn as much as I do and that we can all speak and read German in the future...

May 3, 2018



My top reasons, not necessarily in the correct order of relevance:

1: Germanic languages as a whole are fascinating.

2: German literature has to be read in the original, to be savoured to the fullest. Even the best translations of Goethe, Nietzsche, Kafka, etc., are only shades of the original works.

3: German is a quite technical language with some relatively complex grammar, and speaking it fluently also challenges you to process complex sentence structures rapidly. Great fun, when you start to get the hang of it.

4: German sounds cool.

5: Since I am a teacher, German is great to have on my resume, and I might sometime get the opportunity to teach it on a high-school level.

6: I want to travel to/in Germany. Even though most Germans are pretty good in English, knowing German opens far more opportunities when it comes to travelling and working in Germany and some of the neighboring countries. I think the key to experience other countries and cultures to the fullest, is to adapt to them as far as you can, linguistically as well as culturally, instead of making them adapt to you. Using English as a compromise when speaking with other people, does not make for optimal communication, especially when neither of the parts is using their mother toungue. That of course means I would have to handle German fluently on a high level, but that is also my goal.


You say most Germans also speak English that is new for me... I've been in Germany for many times know but only know 1 couple that speaks good English... The rest of them doesn't speak or understand it... This is the main reson why I've just started to learn German hihihi.... But overal you have a lot of reasons why you want to learn Geman... I haven't read anything yet in German but after reading your second reason I might do so in the future... Also me and my husband like to go Geocaching and in Germany there are a lot of caches without any English translation... The last time we where there and where caching I could read what the discription sad and that was much better than before...


you are right. i am german and i always thought all germans were good at english because all of my friends are... then i heard that there is a statistic wich claimes that more than 60% of the germans are not good enough at english to have a simple conversation. i was shocked. also when i meet foreigners (tourists) in town who ask for directions in english they always say that it is really hard to find someone who actually speaks english here in germany. depending on wich school you are attending in germany it might be that english classes are not mandatory. or rather: some schools allow you to quit english after 2 years or something. (at least it used to be that way till some years ago, i doubt that it is still true though.)

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