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"Ο σεβασμός είναι απαραίτητος."

Translation:Respect is necessary.

May 3, 2018



"The respect is necessary" was scored as incorrect. If it was "Σεβασμός" without ο, then it may be wrong, but with the definite article present in Greek, shouldn't it be accepted in English?


Definite articles in Greek are used more often than in English: aside from proper nouns and names, nouns with a general meaning also typically require a definite article in Greek (just like in Romance languages): so the sentence "Respect is necessary" will be translated as "Ο σεβασμός είναι απαραίτητος", and the ο is not optional, even though it doesn't translate back into English.


But i'd consider the article 'possible' in certain καταστασές in English, so it should be accepted as a translation. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. We don't know whether to go by our gut feelings or translate directly.


I typed "courtesy" rather than "respect," but it was marked wrong. I feel as if both should be marked correct.


"Courtesy"=ευγένεια, in the sense of politeness.


I did an interesting error. I put απαρετήτος instead of απαραίτητος. The accents differ and the former makes no sense in this context.

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