"He won't be examining us with his bare hand anymore!"

Translation:Nás už holou rukou vyšetřovat nebude!

May 3, 2018

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''Už nás nebude vyšetřovat svou holou rukou'' acceptable? (without 'se', thinking of his hand as a tool)


Added this word order and (few other hundreds of forms). This sentence may exceed the allowed number of translations in the future.


I know this is wrong "Uz nebude vysetrovat nas s svou holou rukou", but I cannot really say why. Any help?


se svou, not s svou


Už nás nebude vyšetřovat se svou... instead of Už nebude vyšetřovat nás se svou...

This is also possible, but implies that he still will be examining someone else, just not us: Už nebude vyšetřovat se svou holou rukou nás.


Gotcha! Díky!


Why is the ,,his,, missing in the Czech translation? Because his hand in this context isn't insinuated. It could be some one else's hand. ,,Nas uz JEHO holou rukou vysetrovat nebude,,


English uses possessives much more than Czech. In Czech it is implied that it is his hand.

In the previous discussion you can see that you can also use "se svou holou rukou" but keep in mind that it is something extra. "s jeho holou rukou" already sounds that he is using someone else's hand.

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