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  5. "That gift is for Esther"

"That gift is for Esther"

Translation:Ile ni zawadi ya Esther

May 3, 2018



"That gift is for Esther" and "that is a gift for Esther" have slightly different meanings, and I think the latter is the correct one.


When I see "That gift is" I feel I must start the translation with "Zawadi ile ni ..". Then there is the question of whether "for Esther" should be translated as "ya Esther" or "kwa Esther", or perhaps both are acceptable, or there is a still better alternative. I come up with: Zawadi ile ni ya Esther.


Shouldn't it be zawadi kwa Esther? Zawadi ya Esther means Esther's gift


Since zawadi is in the N/N class isn't "zawadi hiyo" an acceptable translation of "that gift"?


it seems to me the English and Swahili sentence do not match.

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