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"Rusko a Spojené státy se mstí jeden druhému."

Translation:Russia and the United States are retaliating against each other.

May 3, 2018



So I assume "one second" is a Czech expression for saying each other. Could se, or sebe, sobe, anything like this be used instead?


One "se" is already there and is a part of "mstít se".

Maybe you could say "mezi sebou" (between each other), but it is not used this way with mstít. But with bojovat: "Bojují mezi sebou." "They fight against each other."


Why isnt's "státy" in capital letters (the first one, I mean)?


Cause we don't write it that way :)


It was kinda obvious xD. But, I mean, is there any rule that sais stuff about capital letters in czech?


Writing capital letters is one of the most complicated parts of Czech orthography. I wouldn't worry too much about it, and definitely not at your level. A basic overview is in Chapter 2 in Naughton.


Not only that. The rules has changed since I was in grammar school. It is a battle for native speakers. If you only used "Státy" for States, you would use the capital letter. Because you converted it to the name of the country. But in connection with Spojené, it is just a common word....


To je zvlastní... Oh dog! But, ok... I have een more light now xD. Thanks!

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