"Jamais il n'avait connu pire situation."

Translation:He had never known a worse situation.

March 24, 2013

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Why doesn't situation need an article?


I was wondering that, too. Anybody?


Same question. Is "...une pire situation" never used?


Also wondering 3 years later :)

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    I am a native English speaker, fluently bilingual for decades. My best hunch is pire replaces the need for an article as it is poetic. Other than that, I strongly recommend please typing this sentence on Google adding why is no article needed due to pire? Bonne chance


    Why is the pluperfect translated with "did he know" in this sentence? All of the examples of the pluperfect I can find are translated with "had."


    It accepts "Never had he known". The plus-que-parfait tense refers to something that happened before something else in the past tense. In this case, "Never did he know" and "Never had he known" mean the same thing (before he knew about this bad situation, he never knew a worse one..)


    Correct. It's the English that allows the unusual use of the verb. The French is consistent.


    'Never had he known a worse situation' est accepté.


    I wrote that exact response and it did not accept it 15/3/19

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      Why is the plural: "Jamais ils n'avaient connus pire situation" wrong? "Il n'avait" and "Ils n'avaient" sound the same.


      I don't think the plural uses "connus", since it's with avoir. "ils n'avaient connu" is accepted.


      I really think that "met" should be accepted as a translation here for "connu"


      you can use experienced but not met here,i tried both


      You don't "meet" situations in English; you "know" them, "experience" them, "face" them, etc.


      "Never had he experienced a worst situation" is that wrong? it marked it wrong but I don't see the mistake



      Worst is the superlative form of worse. There can only be one worst situation. That requires the definite article in English when worst is the object. You could say a worst situation scenario but there the article is referring to scenario not worst situation.

      EG: ...experienced the worst situation..... experienced a worse situation.

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        Well said


        It came to me in a multiple choice question, so I'm wondering, is « Il n'avait jamais connu pire situation » accepted?


        good question... it's a strange construction and as BilingualQuebecr described "poetic." I would start a poem with "never" but not a sentence.


        Why "He had never known worse situation" is not accepted ?


        My guess is that the lack of an article for "situation" is simply an error. If you are a French native, please prove me wrong.

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