"Přijeli čtyřma autama."

Translation:They arrived in four cars.

May 3, 2018

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What is the slang here? The use of instrumental, the use of dual, both, nothing...? xD


It is NOT slang. It is a dialect, Common Czech https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_language#Common_Czech, my native dialect.

Common Czech uses the used-to-be-dual endings for adjectives and for numbers čtyři a pět.

From the Wikipedia page:

"• unified instrumental ending -ma in plural: s těma dobrejma lidma, ženama, chlapama, městama (with the good people, women, guys, towns) – stand.: s těmi dobrými lidmi, ženami, chlapy, městy. In essence, this form resembles the form of the dual, which was once a productive form, but now is almost extinct and retained in a lexically specific set of words. In Common Czech the ending became productive again around the 17th century, but used as a substitute for a regular plural form"


Ok! Thank you so much! Take a lingot :)


Why can't I say ''They came with four cars''? Proposed answer was ''They came in four cars'' - I would translate that sentence as ''Přijeli ve čtyřech autech''.


Omlouvám se za tlačítko,chyba nebyla v použití Had,ale ve clenu The


Zbytečné nebo chybné tlačítka sem tam neřešte. Není o tom třeba psát. Většina reportů je chybná a jsme na to zvyklí.

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