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"Worf and Martok admire Kahless."

Translation:qeylIS luHo' wo'rIv martaq je.

May 3, 2018



If this has been mentioned, please ignore... On my mobile device (iPhone; latest iOS), I get the answer right with a typo for wo’rlv everytime. Just an FYI


wo'rlv (with a small L) is indeed a typo for wo'rIv (with a capital i).


On my device (android), the sentence starts with a capital Q, however it should be lowercase q for qeylIS. This is important, seeing lowercase and capital Q are two different sounds.


The contributors of this course agree with you completely. The Duolingo staff and programmers have been made aware of the problem. The software was not designed with Klingon in mind and sometimes recapitalizes sentences that we have entered correctly. The staff and programmers have put it on their to do list to hunt down the problems and find solutions, but it is comparatively low priority and we don't know when it will actually be addressed.

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