Protest - Deliberately Ending Streak of 150 Due to Crowns!

Only have to do 10pts, 5 comments or one lesson, but I am NOT going to; because DuoLingo is no longer a time efficient tool for practising. Yes, this means leaving the Spanish club but I'm not going to use DuoLingo regularly until the application issues have been addressed; despite having a paid up subscription. Before Crowns I was regularly earning 100xp per day in 2 languages.

The feedback on complaints is unsatisfactory, the recent change to colour code skills should be a trivial coding change and the sort of thing, picked up by feedback during development. Not a month after roll out to paying users!

Yes, I have taken skills to higher levels (some gold), not just basic lessons but probably the hardest in the Spanish tree the past subjunctive. There is no sign of the company addressing the core issue, which is the creation of a "make work" system by ignoring proficiency of the student.

Before Crowns, I could happily repeat a lesson block to practice some theme. Secondly the weakening of skills ensured I covered areas I might ignore. You could do about 50-60 questions in 5 minutes with a variety of types.

Now I find, a need to wade through very many repetitive lessons, to get to the higher levels. Then when you have got there, the material is exactly the same as that which is absolutely memorised, due to the previous repetition.

These lessons feature long typed answers with even typos in English being punished. This is very frustrating on a phone. Most apps, allow one to happily dictate to the voice recognition, but DL misguidedly turns that off for the learning language, some may like it, but that confuses testing with learning the point of the lesson. If it's imperfect verbs for example they ought to be the focus not the spelling or gender of some noun.

I've paid a subscription, needless to say as an experienced Software Developer, I am extremely unimpressed by the debacle, even trivial code changes to make to fix the colours for levels have taken very long. This calls in to question the whole development and testing strategy at DuoLingo; it looks like the leaders focussed on one aspect of the problem and paid no attention to time efficiency, for people putting the work in to be proficient in another language.

The fact is there are plenty of other tools, which are far better than DuoLingo is now.

You can see some screenshots here

May 3, 2018


thank you for your thoughts. i agree

May 3, 2018

I'm not leaving because I've put in too much work over the past 3 years. However, I have changed my way of working Duolingo. I refuse to become discouraged and realize that change is a constant. I look forward to better days ahead.

May 3, 2018

I've never relied on DuoLingo, I had a Babbel subscription first for example, DL filled in a gap, having more varied examples, rather than a set lesson. So long as you have practice alternatives, you won't lose anything really. On finishing courses, to develop things, you really do need a way into general reading, so I started a while back with Clozemaster & Bliubliu, where you work with "real" text.

May 4, 2018

If Duolingo was not free, it would not be worth using to be honest. Better programs out there, especially since this Crown update. Kind of like New Coke. lol

May 3, 2018

DuoLingo is not really free, you see ads at the end of every lesson. Also subscribing on mobile unlocks features. Anyway they need to face the issues raised, I cannot see any way I will renew my subs.

May 4, 2018
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