Since the latest upgrade I find that I run out of health after just one lesson and this is starting with full health. If it is a timed based function it is not working properly.

May 3, 2018


Practice using the Health tab to increase your health. It depends on how many errors you make while doing the lesson. You can click on the Home tab above, here on the web version and you can do lessons without the Health feature.

timed based functions don't have health, so it must be something else

I know I can spend gems to get more health but I used to be able to study for a much longer period of time before needing to. This is a recent development

Perhaps you are making more errors recently.

[deactivated user]

    The health system is broken, I only use the app on my iPad for clubs and the rest of the time I use the website.

    The crowns level up in difficulty with each crown earnt in a skill (upto 5) so you may be losing more health due to that (in which case you may blame the update) otherwise, the lessons might have just got harder. Idk.

    If you add the Homepage of Duolingo to your home screen it opens it in full screen as if it were an app. You tap the Share button in Safari (Square with arrow next to new tab)>Scroll second row>Add to Home Screen and you’ve got it. I ’ve only tested this on iPad so if it doesn’t work I’d appreciate you telling me.

    I only use an iPad and it doesn’t matter whether I use the app or the website I can only get through one short lesson without needing health so for now I practice then I get health and continue but it didn’t use to be like that.

    Au contraire, you are not using the web version if you get health, then you have accidentally switched back to the app. I am using an iPad. On this page, scroll up and click on Home, then scroll down to the skill that you want to work on. This will not affect the health on the app, but you will not need health to use the web version. Do not click on the Owl that may appear at the very top of the screen, because that is a link back to the app. “Been there, done that!”

    I HATE HEALTH!!! I run out after one lesson and then - to get better - I get to pay more??? Actually, when it works I like Duolingo but it is a real love - hate relationship with hate winning more and more often.

    You don’t have to pay, press the health tab below, then press the practice button and practicing will raise your health. Another option is from here to scroll up and click on the Home tab above, then you can do lessons here on the web version where there is no health feature.

    OK All, you were most coherent. On the iPad, once I get to no health left, I can't scroll up or down and there is no home button to click. What next?

    Okay, you are on a computer right now? Then you can scroll up to Home button now to get to the web version lessons. Well, if you are on the app on your ipad that is when you press the health tab at the bottom of the screen to get to the practice button, but if you don’t want to deal with health at all. Exit out of the app completely. Go to your email and if you are following this discussion, then you have been getting a lot of emails about additional comments. Pick one to click on and you will be transported to Safari to the web version of Duolingo where you can scroll up to the Home button again on the ipad. Now be very careful, I am not kidding that it is very easy to click on an owl and be transported back to the app. Actually, I recommend scrolling up now and following a much shorter discussion or click on this one and save it to your favorites:

    You can go straight to Safari web browser and type this address in and save it on your ipad. Any discussion will do because I don’t think you had access to discussions from your app did you? At least I didn’t, but I haven’t used my app in so long that I don’t know if they updated that into your app. If you really cannot get to the web version, some people have gotten rid of their app. I did not, but I just don’t use the app and I have not updated it recently.

    Since I don't have health please take this with a grain of salt, but I have thought about how I would approach it if I did.

    The normal method is that you make mistakes, look at the answer provided, and then try again. This doesn't work with health, since you will quickly run out. Instead I'd suggest approaching each lesson as an open book exam, with a dictionary and maybe even a notepad. Look up any word you aren't sure of, double check your answer, and only then hit submit. Taking the lessons more slowly might be enough even without a dictionary and notepad, but like I said I haven't been in a position to try it.

    Or you could copy my kid who got health and immediately switched to using the computer.

    The problem was the app and the fact that if using an iPad you cannot access the website. It just goes to the app. So I deleted the app and practiced today for an hour without any problems. Thank you allintolearning3

    [deactivated user]

      Try open it in a new tab then add it to your homescreen. My iPad does a funny thing where if I add it from it opens the website like an app (without health and in full screen).

      Sites like$from_email=comment&comment_id=27179457 don't work.

      EDIT: I used Safari

      I went to Spain on holiday and when I came back, I wanted to go back to the beginning of the modules to get back up to speed with Duolingo. I’ve done it all before, so I just need to wizz through it again. Unfortunately, the ‘Health’ thing stops me when I get to a certain point. Is there any simple way to get past this, without getting involved with all sorts of complicated stuff about the ap?

      Just use the web version. If you are looking for a fast way to review, try You can click on all the tips and notes, one after the other (lightbulb), and practice any lesson that has faded from the old gold (dumbbell). Anyone else, just put your own username in.

      Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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