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Level 10 In German!

I've been participating in a lot of XP Contests lately, so that has helped. I'm very happy about reaching level 10 but, then again, I'm wondering if I should slow down? It took me only 2 weeks to get level 10 in German....and it took me quite a few months to get to that level in Spanish.

Animals 1 is the highest skill I've unlocked so far. (Because I'm trying to get to level 5 in each skill.)

Am I doing something wrong?

May 3, 2018



I've been going at a similar pace for German! I am planning a trip later this year so I want to get as much language knowledge as I can. I typically do between 50 and 200 xp per day. Just listen to your brain, if it's telling you it's tired and you notice yourself making more mistakes, take a break. Listen to some podcasts or watch a movie with subtitles or something. slowgerman.com has some great podcasts, they're mostly entirely in German but it's a good way to learn pronunciation.

I think the crown system is also better (in some ways) for those of us who need a lot of repetition to learn something. Yes it's doing the same sentences over and over again, but it's getting ingrained in your memory and you can really drive home the spelling and pronunciation. I will never forget how to say ich trinke Wasser! Having that repetition, at least for me, is useful when I get to later lessons because I don't have to think as much about the spelling and pronunciation, I can focus more on the new grammar they're trying to teach me. Especially in German where there are so many different cases (nominative, accusative, etc.) which we really don't have in English, I need extra practice. And the extra practice helps for remembering the genders of nouns.

So keep doing what you're doing, as long as you feel like you're absorbing things!


I agree with the pizzaqueen lol,,if you feel your heads' about to pop do take a break,,Im not as fast a learner as you are but I too would get to level 5 or 6 of a lesson getting all of em correct but revisting it some few hours later well---------haha.My advice is re-visit it all just to make sure its still in there.


Danke for replying! :D Thanks for the tips.


Keep going while you have the time and are motivated!


Do you feel like you are really learning or are you just trying to get through the lessons as fast as you can? If you are doing the latter, yes, I would suggest slowing down and possibly even redoing the lessons . If you do feel like you have mastered up to where you are, keep going! But maybe review words once every week to keep them fresh in your head.


I do feel like I am learning. But some lessons seem so easy that I type an answer and finish the lesson within 1-2 minutes. I'm wondering if that is a bad thing to do?


If you do feel like you are learning. Then I can only conclude you have a very good skill. You are a fast learner and you catch onto new things quick!


Thank you for the answers. :)


For me, I have found that doing one or two new lessons a day is a great pace. I then also do about 50 XP in practice, to review what has already been covered.

I can always decide to do more, but I have achieved steady progress this way. With this method, if I get burned out and then come back to German later, I find that retention is pretty good. I think I'd forget a lot more if I were breezing through many lessons a day.


Thank you for replying. I honestly haven't felt burned out lately. I have felt highly motivated.


That's really good! You should keep the train rolling!


Gut gemacht. Weiter so!

[deactivated user]

    Well done Rebekah!

    It's easy to reach from level 1 to level 10 than it will be from level 10 to level 20 because you will need a lot of xp's more.

    I cannot really compare my progress with yours because my tree was done pre-crowns so the pace of learning was changed... apparently now you have to do a lot more xp's with easier material to progress when compared to before and that might explain the difference in pace between your Spanish progress and your German progress.

    That said, I believe you're in the right track... keep going and keep us posted on your progress. ;)


    I am at crown level 49. Is there a difference in level and crown level?


    Crowns are awarded per skill, while levels are accumulated via XP.

    When you first learn a skill, its at 1 crown. You can raise the crown level by practicing that particular skill. I thought they went to 5, but I could be mistaken.

    Levels increase as a result of combined XP practicing any combination of skills, and reflects your overall progress.


    yes. if you click on your german icon by your name it will say. it also says when you post. right now you are level 10

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