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  5. "No es una residencia normal."

"No es una residencia normal."

Translation:It is not a normal residence.

March 24, 2013



Ah, the subtleties of language. While a government bureaucrat might refer to "a normal residence" in a specific situation, we are not learning Spanish For Tax Authorities here. I am quite certain that in everyday English usage most people would refer to a "typical" residence, not a "normal" one, if the subject came up at all.


Actually we are discussing how "normal residence" fits into the English language and how it might translate to Spanish. Here is a line from a real estate agent in Paonia, Colorado. "Formerly Elaini’s uptown restaurant, but now needs to be absorbed into the neighborhood. Will need a bit renovation to be used as a normal residence." Not memorable prose, but makes sense in this context.


Again, a sentence that has no meaning in English. What in the world is a "normal residence"?


If the wall were made of diamonds, it would not be a normal residence. If there were no windows it would not be a normal residence. If there was a moat filled with alligators it would not be a normal residence. Are you a native English speaker?


Yes. Are you? If so, have you ever heard someone use the phrase "normal residence"? Probably not. Anyone who uses DuoLingo has to get used to the fact that sentences here are sometimes created with constructions more focused on using particular elements of vocabulary and grammar, not to convey common conversational Spanish or English.


Yes, have been since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Googling it produces 81,000 hits. Por ejemplo: "My normal residence is in Texas. However, I worked in Hawaii for 3 months. Do I need to file a Hawaii tax return or a Federal tax return?"


Perhaps using sentence, "This is not my normal residence.", would have made more sense.


A question I ask myself every day, own the way ho...... never mind.


Sounds interesting, I want to live there.

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