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  5. "Jinam to nevede."

"Jinam to nevede."

Translation:It does not lead anywhere else.

May 3, 2018



"He is not conducting it anywhere else" could this translation be validated?


Is conduct in this meaning (escort, guide) also used with non-person objects? I.e. conduct something and not just someone?

Also plase umderatand this is a marginal non-idiomatic translation.


https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/conduct. Generally it would be used with people, electricity, an orchestra, a research, in very specific cases anyway. For instance, "He isn't conducting it (=the research) anywhere else".. (because only in that country he has the political and financial support). But I don't know if it can be applied to the Czech sentence. And it is clearly not idiomatic! However, "Jinam ho nevede" translated as "He is not conducting him anywhere else" could function, right Vlada?


By idiomatic I meant Czech. "Jinam to nevede." is an idiom.

A literally translation can be accepted and we do accept "He does not guide or lead it anywhere."

However conduct is more specific. I am struggling to find a possible example. A current is masculine proud in Czech and hence requires jej or ho. The same for research, výzkum is masculine, věda (science) is feminine. Orchestr is masculine. I can't find a possible neuter example. Obviously, the to is not applicable to persons. Not even neuters like dítě or děvče, you need ho.

But perhaps the author of this sentence know which example is possible with guide or lead and will tell us that conduct is fine as well. Just be aware it is a marginal edge case and not idiomatic in Czech.

Your sentence with "Jinam ho nevede." is fine.


I wrote it too convoluted. Basically the sentence Jinam to nevede as He does not conduct it anywhere requires it to je that thing, not a specific thing like neuter vyšetřování (investigation) which would require ho or je, not to.

And I am not sure conduct can be used with unspecific that thing.


No worries, I am doing this because I enjoy helping people with Czech directly.

I think there still might be a use case for conduct here. It is just quite rare and specific.

For the investigation example I can imagine "Vede to (někam) jinam." "He is leading (conducting?) it somewhere else." quite well, but "Jinam to nevede." is a bit strange.


You are right, "that thing" is not happy to get "conduct" as verb, reading the explanation of my link. And above all, the problem is not the context, but the grammar. Your explanation is so enlightening, Vlada. When studying and thinking through passion for a culture and a language create such levels of communication with people, it becomes a joy. There's only one "problem": how can I thank you for this ?! :-) See you for other interesting discussions. Maybe they'll make enjoy the other users too. The best of luck, Vlada!!


How about "It doesn't lead anywhere"?


Někam would be just "anywhere." Jinam gives us "anywhere ELSE."


It doesn't lead anywhere.

I use the should be accepted but is that correct?


nowhere, not anywhere - nikam

nowhere else - nikam jinam

not anywhere else - nikam jinam ne, jinam ne

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