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Colored Circles and Crowns ** - I'm liking this!

At first I didn't care for the Duolingo change to "Crowns", but the more I use it the more I like it! Probably I'm one of the few people who hadn't figured out how helpful the new Crown/colored Circle system works. Today it just occurred to me that if a circle is at the blue (level 1), I can find out in 4 quick lessons that I don't need more practice in that area. For example, if I'm perfectly comfortable with "Yo como manzanas" in the blue level, I really don't need to go on and on about apples. However if I open another blue circle and I see that "Caminamos mucho el viernes pasado." is not as easy for me to translate maybe I should continue on to the green, red, orange and gold circle for that one. So I've changed my goal from gold circles to all green, then all red, then all orange, and on to the Gold! I feel like this new "Circle and Crowns" system is really helping me become more proficient in my quest to speak Spanish. Thanks Duolingo!

May 3, 2018



Yes, I'm a fan as well now too. I am learning so much more.


I am starting to slowly turn everything green. I'm not sure this is exactly how I want to approach it forever though, I may want to jump around more and practice skills that are more difficult for me, as you mentioned. I'm getting used to it.


I have to say, I like the new change, although I'm as happy with numbers as I am with colours. I started Spanish a bit past the third check point with 1s and 2s and one 3 (Object Pronouns). What I do depends on my mood. Usually I work on the 0s, but occasionally I'll work on changing a 1 to 2 or on adverbs, which is a 2 but I find these difficult to remember. And I practise from time to time, maybe every other day. The new system is far more flexible; I was getting to the stage when I was always having to strengthen skills.

[deactivated user]

    Do you try learn a bunch of new skills at once then level them up or do you get them to green one-by-one?


    Well, I'm working that out. Prior to "Crowns" I kept my tree gold, only going back to non-gold circles. Now my tree is blue, green, red and orange! To answer your question, I have made quite a few of my circles gold again, but I think I am going to start working on making them all green. Even so, I must say that working through a lesson, all the way back up to gold again is very satisfying. It makes me feels like I’ve really gotten a handle on that section after all the repeat, repeats. Because I don’t have anyone to converse with in Spanish, and I haven't taken any Spanish classes (except Duo), I find that repetition is helpful to me. As I go back over some of my earlier lessons I’m finding that there are things I hadn’t pinned down, like sentence structure, use of pronouns, placement of adjectives, etc. I try not to ‘’read” along with the Spanish as it’s spoken, because I find it pretty easy to translate by reading. Just hearing it spoken, that is harder.


    Mine did have these colors corresponding to levels, and I really liked it for the reasons you stated. But this morning I find that colors and levels no longer correspond on my tree. It is back to random colors, with levels only demarcated by a number. :( It looks ugly and busy and it is hard to figure out where I should focus.


    Wait... after reloading, colors=levels is back! I'm happy about this! But it is weird that it appeared differently a few minutes ago!


    I can't quite figure out how to locate any of this! I feel like such a silly goose.

    I can see my crown level on the top right of my screen, and I think I see the circles because once you hit level 5 they go gold, correct?

    I need to keep an eye on the colours as I go through the levels. I do one section at a time, so I have them all get to level 5 then advance. I am level 4 on my current task.


    It is quite simple, if your level 4 is orange than you have the new colored circles. This is a color that did not exist in the earlier version. Not everyone has this.

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