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Help please.

Im only in level 8 of German and I can't help but wonder if i can actually have a proper conversation with a native german speaker.I feel like with Duo alone im not actually learning how to do that.I feel like I need to be talking to someone who's good at it already so i actually feel like im getting somewhere..what to do....bitte hilfe

May 3, 2018



Do you feel confident with making the noises with your mouth and the accent? You could probably have a decent conversation in German, but it really depends. If you've got the basic German grammar down (and the basic German grammar is all but basic) try writing texts in German then read them out loud. Duolingo is more of a "game" than a serious language learning class and the voices in the lessons often mispronounce the words because they are computer voices. Don't be too discouraged, I lived in Germany for a year & can speak pretty fluently but as you can see I am only level 8 (just started). If Duo is your only resource, try using the language more often in your life like books and TV+ keep up the good work on Duolingo!!!

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I'd recommend doing many speaking exercises for yourself. You can simply do this by saying each sentence out loud (even the ones you just have to type). Improving your listening skills on the other hand is something you could do by listening to radio shows or watching videos. I very much liked to watch short movies in Spanish with English subtitles on youtube. There's also a website where you can listen live to radio stations from all around the world (I forgot the name but it can probably easily be found through google). Hope this helps.

Good luck with your studies.


I recommend DW.com Nico's Weg in addition or instead of Duolingo. Duolingo alone is not the best resource, in addition to something else it is great to remember words.


Yep "Nico's weg" is films series for A1,A2,B1 and B2 You can downland it to phone. Something similary (but my opinion more interesting) is "Mein Weg nach Deutschland"


Mein Weg nach Deutschland is very short and it does not compare to the grammar and vocabulary you learn in any of the DW courses.



Have fun with the language that you are learning

it would be a good way to progress




I understand how you feel. I've been using Duolingo for around two years now and I don't know how far I can get just by using this alone.


It is time you add other resources, you are not going to speak with only Duo. I stayed in duo German for too long.


And what sucks for me is I have friends who do understand but they got no time for my learning this language ;( ;( @HenryDaThird


Vielleicht versuchst du deutscher Spieler im online Computerspiele (I'm sure they have one special word for muliplayers games xD). Wenn du magst die Spielen.


yeah, they call it multiplayer games ;-)


Rly? :< I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping for something like "die Rundschwanzseekuh"-Round-tail-sea-cow means manatee <3

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Ich rede mit meinem Handy auf Deutsch, und es antwortet mir auf Deutsch. Ă„nderst du die Spracheinstellungen.


Das ist eine gute idee aber danke


I have only just started learning german, have no one to speak the language too though, i just try and watch things in german or read articles in german.


alright thank you Carly <3 :)


You're surely not alone! You can start a German conversation, and you might like this women's Youtube channel and website: German with Jenny.


it depends where the conversation goes. Me, being an okay speaker can have small talk but if it branches off, you may have problems understanding them. Like, with my german grandparents, if we talk about days of the week, or parts of a car, or specific things in school they have to explain a bit to me.


Hi; I don't know if this will be of any help, but Penguin were doing books of short stories with a parallel text of German on one page and English on the facing page, and I was surprised at the amount of words that stuck with me plus the way in which they were used, and the more words you learn the clearer and more fluid the stories become and I suppose you sort of want to understand what they're about so you put more effort in. Plus you don't have to keep flicking to various parts of the book to check a word. I have German relatives and I'm fed up that they always end up speaking English, so I'm getting experience from wherever I can now (even German broadcasts from various sources) and I'm slowly making a breakthrough. The tree of a new language grows slowly, but when it blooms, it's beautiful and rewarding.

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