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  5. "Toqué las flores."

"Toqué las flores."

Translation:I touched the flowers.

May 3, 2018



Solo mira las flores Lizzie.


The voice says "toque" not "toqué", so it becomes "Touch the flowers!"


Why isn't it toque a las flores? Is there a difference?


I believe you are thinking of this as a 'personal a'. It is not used here because a flower would be considered an inanimate object. The 'personal a' is only for people and pets (except if the verb is tener or haber).

It just occurred to me that maybe you were thinking tocar could take the preposition 'a' in this case. (like 'empezar a' = to start to). If so, than I believe the answer is no. The preposition isn't used.

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