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Flirting skill can now be hidden

Hello teacher community!

Now when you disable mature words in Duolingo for Schools, the Flirting bonus skill will also be hidden from students. This means that if mature vocabulary is hidden, the flirting bonus skill will not be visible. This is of course optional, and you can change it at any time for your students in case they are fans of the flirting skill. Check out the related links below for details on how to do edit the privacy settings. To enable the flirting skill, you'll need to "enable all words". Happy teaching!

- How do I disable social features and mature vocabulary for my students? (FAQ article)
- Hiding Mature Words (forum post)
- How do I enable social features for my students? (FAQ article)

May 3, 2018



What "mature words" lol.


Thank you so much, it will make things much simpler in the classroom! Now I won't be worried about parents contacting me to ask why their children are being taught those kinds of words in my classroom.


That's useful. many of the phases in Flirting were not appropriate, especially if you're highly religious.


but people still need to know how to show love/affection to others.what if u were to marry someone from Germany and u wanted to flirt?


Hey there! Can anyone please, please help me remove the flirting skill from my account? My 6 year old got into my laptop and somehow bought it, I guess he thought he was giving me some ring. I don't want to disable mature language altogether (if Duolingo ever offers a swearing bonus skill, I'm spending all my lingots). I don't need to stop seeing it altogether and I don't even want the lingots back, I just really, really, really hate that he "bought" the skill and I want to "return" it. Can you help? Do you know how I can maybe get some sort of customer support from Duolingo, like a telephone line or a chat? Do they offer that with plus, I think I might be willing to pay for a month...


You cannot return items purchased in the Lingot Shop.

I'm not real clear what you're wanting. You say you don't want the lingots back, and you don't want to stop seeing it -- so what is it you were hoping to accomplish by returning it? Maybe there is a way to accomplish that, if could explain a little more about what you want to happen.

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