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I need help memorizing the forms of trinken.

Hallo! I've been having some trouble memorizing the various forms of trinken, and I'm getting a little frustrated. What are some tricks to memorizing them if there are any?


May 3, 2018



Trinken is a regular verb in the present tense, but is strong (irregular) in the past. Here they are for reference:

Ich trinke, du trinkst, er/sie/es trinkt -- Wir trinken, ihr trinkt, Sie/sie trinken

...so it follows the same -e, -st, -t, -en, -t, -en pattern that most all verbs follow. Easy.

Its past is a little more unpredictable, and you're best off just seeing, reading, speaking, and hearing them often until they're second nature (just like "I drink, I drank, I have drunk" in English).

Haben getrunken (Perfekt), trank (Präteritum)

Viel Glück beim Lernen!

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Vielleicht kannst du Karteikarten machen.


That's a good idea. I never thought about that, danke.

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Froh, dass ich Helfen kann.


Hi, here is a post that I found quite helpful. It explains the endings and which to use.

And here is a little list that might help too:

1, Er/sie/es uses "trinkt"
2, Sie/sie uses "trinken"
3, Ihr uses "trinkt"
4, Wir uses "trinken"
5, Du uses "trinkst"
6, Ich uses "trinke"
Good luck!

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