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Learning and staying on track (or lack there of!)

So I'm new to the whole German language and I have gotten to know the very basic of the words but seem to be struggling to grasp the entire language. I've been trying new lessons every day and have been doing okay but I feel the more I do the more I forget. So should I do only one or two lessons a week to focus on them or is there a specific way to study?

Thanks, Ryan

May 3, 2018



Hey there. My advice is the following:

1) If you're confused about what seem to be fundamental things like grammar, word order, etc., don't move forward. It's really easy to get left behind, and unless you're planning a trip on a certain date or something, what's the hurry? Go slow, and strive to understand and memorize well instead of in giant chunks. Learning a language (and I mean REALLY learning it) takes years, and there's plenty of time. Don't get in a hurry.

2) You asked about once or twice per week. I'd practice every single day, even if it's only 15 minutes each. More frequent and shorter review has its praises sung consistently all over the language-learning parts of the Internet, and at least in my opinion, I think that mentality holds water.

3) Duo is awesome, and I'm the first to lift it up high. But don't rule out other resources. If Duo doesn't explain something well (cough cough, that's a real problem sometimes), don't be shy about finding an answer somewhere else. Be bold, ask the questions, and don't give up on the language just because one source didn't satisfy you. My experience so far has told me that 99.9% of the time, someone has already asked the question you're stuck on.

Hope that helps! Viel Glück beim Deutschlernen, und hör nicht auf! :)

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Gute Antwort!


Haven't tried German, but i found an intense study (50 xp per day) with pots of repitition really useful for French. The new Crown structure has helped.

I feel only doing a couple of lessons a week removes immersion

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