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A2 and/or B1 workbook suggestions

Hi! I am looking for a physical workbook to do some practice. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience? I would like to take the certification for A2 and/or B1 at some point. I’ve had a lot of classroom instruction so I need the refresher and boost in confidence before attempting a test. Danke sehr.

May 3, 2018



There are many physical workbooks available for A2 and B1, although some may be harder to find outside of Germany than others. I've personally used Hueber "Menschen" for A1 and A2, and also Klett "Netzwerk" for A2. Both are decent, but are geared for use with the course books and face-to-face group lessons.

I haven't found anything at bookstores in the USA, such as Barnes and Noble, that use the Common European Framework of Reference. I would stick to imported books like those listed above. Hueber and Klett also both have many other series of books for learning German as a foreign language.


I can recommend" Übungsgrammatik für die Gründstufe" from Verlag Liebaug-Dartmann" . You can find it on the book depository (free worldwide shipping)


You will need to buy the Lösungen too which is half the price of the book itself :S but it is worth it.

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