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hört sich an

So i read someone (probably native speaker) wrote "die frau hört sich wie nen inder an". And as far as i know, anhören means something like "listening to" and sich means "him/her self" (correct me if im mistaken) but when i try to translate the sentence, or just "hört sich an" on google translate, it says "sounds like". So; Is it some common saying in german? Is there a more common or better way to say "sounds like"? do you always have to use anhören with sich, or can anhören be used alone? and lastly whats does that "nen" mean?

May 3, 2018



anhören=listen to

sich anhören wie=sound like


also: 'nem=einem 'ner=einer 'ne=eine They are usually only used in spoken language.

Interesting: The person wrote "... wie nen Inder." and not "... wie ne Inderin". I would easily say "Die Frau hört sich indisch an."


that "nen" got me confused for a long time actually, thanks. Also that person actually used "der" frau in that sentence, i kinda tried to correct it coz it looks wrong

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