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Practice Speaking Spanish

What happened to that part in the app that let you like role play scenarios with a robot thing? I found it really helpful but now I can't find it. I havent been on the app in a while so maybe they got rid of it???

May 4, 2018



Hola nunca conocí esa parte, recuerdo que se podía escribir en el perfil de los usuarios e introducir textos para que la comunidad los tradujera. Han quitado muchas cosas buenas, cuenta conmigo si lo que buscas es interactuar seria mejor interactuar con un robot. Y me ayudarías muchísimo con mi inglés.

Hello I never knew that part, I remember that you could write in the profile of the users and introduce texts for the community to translate. They have removed many good things, count on me if you are looking to interact it's would be better to interact with a robot. And you would help me a lot with my English.


I'd also like to know.. :o


same happens with me

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