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"A la niña le gustan las botas."

Translation:The girl likes the boots.

May 4, 2018



Why is this, "A la niña...?"
Why is the, "A," there?


Because the Spanish construction is completely different than the English one. In Spanish, gustar doesn't mean to like. gustar = to please. The usual way of saying in Spanish is not X like(s) Y, but Y please(s) to X or to X, Y please(s) = a X, Y le(s) gusta(n). Since in Spanish, it's possible and common to invert the subject and the verb when the subject doesn't come at the beginning of the sentence a X, Y le(s) gusta(n) = a X le(s) gusta(n) Y

To sum it up, we have A la niña le gustan las botas = A la niña, las botas le gustan = To the girl, the boots please = The girl likes the boots


Why enjoys - and not "like" which I was told was false! Corrected to enjoys ???

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