Translation:The girl likes the boots.

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Why is this, "A la niña...?"
Why is the, "A," there?

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Because the Spanish construction is completely different than the English one. In Spanish, gustar doesn't mean to like. gustar = to please. The usual way of saying in Spanish is not X like(s) Y, but Y please(s) to X or to X, Y please(s) = a X, Y le(s) gusta(n). Since in Spanish, it's possible and common to invert the subject and the verb when the subject doesn't come at the beginning of the sentence a X, Y le(s) gusta(n) = a X le(s) gusta(n) Y

To sum it up, we have A la niña le gustan las botas = A la niña, las botas le gustan = To the girl, the boots please = The girl likes the boots

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Why enjoys - and not "like" which I was told was false! Corrected to enjoys ???

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