"You want water."

अनुवाद:तुम्हें पानी चाहिए।

April 23, 2014

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I was just thinking about how the local way of saying 'You want water' is. Most of us here say 'तुझे पानी होना', especially when you ask it as a question. And it's more used among younger people. I'm not sure whether it's grammatically correct though. I wonder if it's used everywhere in India or whether it's just regional.


Purely regional ,I believe.other common regional translations are पानी मांगता ,पानी छैजे,


I live in North India and I have never heard तुझे पानी होना। It seems to be a regional phrase. Can you please tell us which region are you referring to ? I have heard people from Eastern states mentioning rain as - "पानी हो रहा है ". So I am just curious about the "तुझे पानी होना " phrase.


"पानी हो रहा है" is new for me. I have only heard "बारिश/वर्षा/बरसात हो रही है" all these three variants are grammatically correct.


Can't this be तुम पानी माँगते हो


That would be "You ask for water". चाहने और मांगने में अंतर है

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