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Suggestion. Bonus skill: Restaurant

Hi. I have always wanted to know how to say. - Keep the change. - Raw/well-done (about the meat). - What is your recomendation. - I would like to order ... and other phrases which would be helpful. I know there may not be so many of them but that is why it is great for Bonus skill :) Here are the picture :

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April 23, 2014



Bonus skill? This should be a required skill. Is it time to let the tree grow or to sprout another tree?


Right. I am actually more interested in trees growing than in new languages.


Absolutely, and is in any standard language course.

[deactivated user]

    Well lots of new bonus skills would be a nice way to eat up the Lingots sitting around in everyone's pockets!


    Yes! I'd give you a lingot for that but I see you don't need one.


    Sounds good! ! ! When I was a student, some ages ago, I spent a couple of weeks in Greece. I never learned much Greek but did make sure I could read menus. In any place that had English menus, you were likely to pay a lot more. I wanted to eat where the natives might eat. That worked out fairly well. All I had in those days was a Langenscheidt pocket dictionary. Now I could have used Duolingo (maybe not in Greek yet) and the right bonus skills! - Maybe we should have a BONUS SKILL INCUBATOR


    Definitely. Along with more foods, napkin, fork, etc.


    I think it also depends on the culture of the country, because in the Italian tree there are a lot of food lessons in the beginning with words like breakfast, fork, onion, bean etc. while I have not learned how we say 'to walk' or 'to sit'. I thought it's because that in Italy food and cuisine is very important. But I agree, there could be more food lessons in the other trees too:)


    Great Idea! Maybe Taxi Skills, Bus/Trainstation Skills, ....


    Oooh I like that idea, it'd be helpful on vacation in different cultures.


    Great idea, but shouldn't it be a different pic. then food?


    How about a waiter carrying a tray?


    Maybe it could be a general skill about shopping/dining out, and it could have a picture like the one at the top of the Lingot store (a window roof thing, I'm blanking out on what it's called). idk

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