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Suggestion. Bonus skill: Restaurant

Hi. I have always wanted to know how to say. - Keep the change. - Raw/well-done (about the meat). - What is your recomendation. - I would like to order ... and other phrases which would be helpful. I know there may not be so many of them but that is why it is great for Bonus skill :) Here are the picture :

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April 23, 2014



Bonus skill? This should be a required skill. Is it time to let the tree grow or to sprout another tree?


Right. I am actually more interested in trees growing than in new languages.


me too but I planted some and now wait for the apples. pears and cherries from the wee orchard


Absolutely, and is in any standard language course.


Also found in standard language courses are the alphabet, numbers, clock and calendar training. It is my impression that regrettably DL is only training us to translate webpages not visit a foreign country.


Yes, that's really the kind of things that we would use in practice :)

[deactivated user]

    Well lots of new bonus skills would be a nice way to eat up the Lingots sitting around in everyone's pockets!


    Yes! I'd give you a lingot for that but I see you don't need one.

    [deactivated user]

      Haha no I don't! We want food (from the restaurant)!


      So you can spare some lingots with me if you want :) I want to buy a new skill :)


      Thank you for the lingots! Really appreciate it! :)


      Sounds good! ! ! When I was a student, some ages ago, I spent a couple of weeks in Greece. I never learned much Greek but did make sure I could read menus. In any place that had English menus, you were likely to pay a lot more. I wanted to eat where the natives might eat. That worked out fairly well. All I had in those days was a Langenscheidt pocket dictionary. Now I could have used Duolingo (maybe not in Greek yet) and the right bonus skills! - Maybe we should have a BONUS SKILL INCUBATOR


      Definitely. Along with more foods, napkin, fork, etc.


      I think it also depends on the culture of the country, because in the Italian tree there are a lot of food lessons in the beginning with words like breakfast, fork, onion, bean etc. while I have not learned how we say 'to walk' or 'to sit'. I thought it's because that in Italy food and cuisine is very important. But I agree, there could be more food lessons in the other trees too:)


      Great Idea! Maybe Taxi Skills, Bus/Trainstation Skills, ....


      Oooh I like that idea, it'd be helpful on vacation in different cultures.


      Great idea, but shouldn't it be a different pic. then food?


      How about a waiter carrying a tray?


      Maye with a domed lid on top.


      I think a waiter carrying a tray is good.


      Maybe it could be a general skill about shopping/dining out, and it could have a picture like the one at the top of the Lingot store (a window roof thing, I'm blanking out on what it's called). idk


      I think a fork and a knife, somewhat a cliche logo for food or restaurants.


      sort of. I guess. That striped... thing. (I feel dumb :P )


      yes. I literally thought of that three days after I wrote the comment :) It's ridiculous.


      It would be interesting if development started (for all finished languages) a second "fluency tree" where you learned a lot more in depth words and phrases.


      Or it breaks off into different "branches" that are more specific like "medical terms" "business terms" etc.


      that would be great.


      Great idea! But here's why I'm sorta against the idea of bonus skills. 1) the bonus skills aren't well integrated into the system so you can't practice them when you practice your weakest words. 2) I'm really hoping they'll expand the current trees, with something like this in it!


      I couldn't agree more. This is a point I've made in a few other similar discussions. Any given skill loses a lot of utility when it's segregated from the rest of the course the way bonus skills currently are.


      I have no idea why you got three down-votes for giving a lingot!! I gave you an up vote to try and get your balance back to zero, but I am only allowed to do it once : (

      So now you are on −2 (one better than before)

      [deactivated user]

        I'd enjoy this as a culinary student quite a bit. This made up a couple weeks of my freshman french course. We even did little performances. I was the chef who came out and punched the waiter for giving vin to a girl who wanted cafe. I actually hit him, which he didn't expect, and my French teacher laughed really hard and gave us an A.


        I would love for duolingo to add new bonus skills and categories to strengthen vocabulary and teach us a greater variety of words.


        Lots more bonus skills would be great. I have enough lingots to give to everyone. :D


        I agree. I think more bonus skills would be great. Hey, maybe if they did make this skill idea and some others they could use them as bonus skills.


        gardez la monnaie= keep the change. medium rare= saignant, rare (bloody): bleu, medium to medium rare: à point, medium: moyan, (very) well-done: bien cuit/ (très) bien cuit.
        I would like: je voudrais/ je vais essayer / je veux essayer or, as I would much prefer, say, "Je suis végétalienne!" :)

        • 1300

        It sure is a requirement if you want to travel using the language! Great idea.


        ok, but is it fast food you are thinking about if you imagine a restaurant ? OH OH


        I like this idea! Except it would need a different picture... but that's an awesome idea! :)


        who cares about the image. We all just want to learn!


        But the picture is already used in food


        As far as I am aware:

        nicht gar - underdone
        verbraten - overcooked

        Ah, German GCSE.


        What a geat idea!My teacher,Mme.Morris is now asking us to do a skit about a resturant! Well,need to learn certain things! So am 100%happy about this idea!

        [deactivated user]

          Remember to make her laugh! I aced a lot of skits doing things like hitting waiters and charging over a million dollars for an apple.


          Thats a really good idea! One of my friends did a skit and the waiters charged a cup of tea for 100 dollars!


          Good idea. Good icon.


          I like it, I think it'd be quite helpful if one was made.


          I guess this is not a democracy, but I would vote for this proposition! :)


          You have my upvote. Good idea.


          Agreed! There's a lot of content on Duolingo, but there's also a lot missing, IMO.


          that would be useful


          That icon is already in use for food isn't?


          Honestly, there are many things they don't have...


          Yes, yes & YES! That would be so fantastic (:


          I'd say, yes. This is such an important skill and we will always need to say these orders for real life. This is mandatory.

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