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I levelled up and nothing happened

Hello I know it may sound stupid, but I was waiting for the moment in which I would level up... I wanted to hear the trumpets... but nothing happened. And somehow I was a little disappointed. I know it's a bit childish, but levelling up is an important moment for me, it shows my progress, and I think it should be marked accordingly, as it was before. After all, you mark every time we complete an assigment with a special congratulations effect. Why not when we level up anymore? Or it's just that something didn't work this time?

May 4, 2018



yeah i don't think duolingo notifies you at the end of the lesson anymore :( it's sad but that's just the way duo works sometimes! they update things without telling you. i'm sure there's a reason for it if you look hard enough.

you might just have to see your level increase manually, good luck on your language learning journey! :-)


Yeah, its been like that for a while. Not sure why it was taken away


Yeah, right? Not even lingots! In old times we got as many lingots as the level we reached! I feel dispossessed! jajaja


look at the bright side, we're here for you, Congrats and you already have 4 likes and three comments

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