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  5. "One klongat. Two klongats."

"One klongat. Two klongats."

Translation:wa' tlhonghaD. cha' tlhonghaDmey.

May 4, 2018



For others who might stumble over the spelling:

tlhonghaD is syllabified tlhon-ghaD, not tlhong-HaD, so the lowercase h (as part of the letter gh) is correct in this word.


Can anyone tell us anything more about what a tlhonghaD (anglicized spelling 'klongat') is like? The only description I can find, in Memory Alpha, says that it's an animal, native to Kronos, which is "larger and more difficult to subdue than a targ."


Memory Beta? I don't think it was ever mentioned in any of the tv shows or movies. The Memory Beta article does mention three different novels that it is mentioned in. Perhaps reading those novels could reveal additional details (or perhaps not). Sorry we can't be of more help.


Yes, sorry, it was Memory Beta. I didn't follow the links there; I just wanted to try to find a basic description, if there was one, so I can try to vizualize it as I learn. It's hard to remember the names of some of these Kronosian animals when we don't have any idea what they look like. My guess is, a tlhonghaD is probably a four-legged, non-reptilian land creature with big claws, and probably big fangs as well. :-)

The blog link in my second comment above does have an illustration, which may well be the blog author's personal interpretation, but at least it's something to go by.


And then there's this, though I don't know how canonically accurate it is...



I have an issue with this question. I JUST had a different version of this question earlier in the lesson. The earlier question gave the Klingon translation of Klongats(pl.) as tlhongaDmey. By that statement, none of the options it gave me on this question are correct. The translation at the top of this comment form is correct, but the multiple choice option, as well as the translation that pops up in the 'You got it wrong' flag, are both wrong. How does one go about reporting this? I'm doing these lessons on mobile(android) because this is what Ive become most comfortable with, and it's the most convenient since I'm almost never able to be at my computer on a regular enough basis. Sorry for such a long post, but I'm starting to get ki da frustrated. How do I let the devs know exactly which question it is that I think might have an error? Am I really stuck with having to try and figure out the website and risk losing my streak, or worse, my entire progress?


A screenshot would be helpful, so that we can see exactly what you saw.

Easier than copying all the words and options down by hand, and much more helpful than a vague statement such as "were wrong".

Upload the screenshot to a website somewhere and paste the URL the image into a sentence discussion.

If it's something that the course contributors can fix, we will try to do so.

If it's something that Duolingo developers have to address, we will probably tell you to file a bug report ( https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug- )

Please make sure to have another look at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26778885 if you haven't done so already -- it lists the known errors we have right now. If the error you see is on that list (e.g. miscapitalisation), then developers already know about it and will hopefully get around to it ... eventually. But since Klingon is fairly small, I think its priority is fairly low.

At any rate, reporting known errors will not help anyone; you (and we) will just have to live with them until they move high enough up on the devs' to-do list and get addressed.


I have a screenshot but can't post it here on mobile - the issue is that in a multiple choice version of this question, the closest option is "Wa' tlhonghaD. cha' tlhonghaD.", which is missing the plural ending for "two klongats" (and this option is considered correct by the app). Came to the comments because I wasn't sure if it was a glitch, or if there's some weird rule about counting and plurals - is the above answer correct?


missing the plural ending

Plural endings are optional in Klingon.

cha' tlhonghaD is just as correct as cha' tlhonghaDmey.

Similarly, paq vIlaD could mean "I read a book" or "I read books".


Screen shots can be very helpful (though you've explained your question well enough here). Unfortunately you can't add them directly into the sentence discussion. You have to host them elsewhere and provide a link in the sentence discussions.


I understand the response, however none of the responses listed were correct. The choices given stated “wa' tlhonghaD. cha' tlhonghaD” NOT “cha' tlhonghaDmey”


Just as mizinamo explained to Imogendw a year ago, wa' tlhonghaD, cha' tlhonghaD is a perfectly acceptable Klingon translation of one klongat, two klongats. While English requires that most nouns have a different form when used to represent more than one thing, Klingon requires this only for a few irregular nouns. Compare to the English words sheep and moose. You can say one sheep, two sheep. That works for almost all words in Klingon.


Thank you for the clarification. The sheep analogy really helped.

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