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  5. "Wann kommen wir an?"

"Wann kommen wir an?"

Translation:When do we arrive?

May 4, 2018



Is ankommen a seperable word?


Yes, a separable-prefix verb.


I think separable verbs should be added in the modules.


Would "When do we get there?" be an acceptable translation? It was rejected.


Why an in the end?


It is the separable part of the separable verb, ankommen - to arrive. Please read the tips for the "Prepositions" skill for more information. You can also Google "german separable verbs" and find lots of different websites and YouTube videos that will explain further.


Do we get different tips depending on location? I've double-checked the tips on the three modules with preposition in the name up to this point including this module and there is no mention of separable verbs or parts coming off.

This isn't the first time I've noticed people commenting about checking things in the tips for a module that definitely aren't in my tips when I've checked.


No, it's not based on location--Duolingo simply throws separable verbs at you before they've actually introduced them to you in the tips, and you have to figure out what they haven't told you to find out why you keep getting dinged on questions.

The explanation I've seen for this from mods is that Duolingo is based on sentences, not lessons, and the sentences themselves are used across lessons, resulting in sentences sometimes being earlier than they should be.

But this same thing keeps happening, where sentences include new features you haven't been taught yet, and it's not just with separable verbs, either--I've seen stuff using genitive case long before (10+ lessons before) the actual genitive case lesson, for example.

TL;DR -- if you get the feeling something is off, check the comments and try to figure out what you aren't being told, then go Google for other resources to teach you that concept.


That's good advice. It has also been the case that the tips/notes on the mobile app were/are different from the ones on the website version. I don't know if that is still the case.


Thanks, that's really interesting to hear about the sentences vs lessons issues which explains how this comes up.

I still wonder about some people getting tips and others not. I can't remember which module it was, but I was doing a recent one where the tips were minimal and provided very little help and a commenter copied and pasted his tips which were so much more detailed and explained so much that I wasn't understanding (I think it was the modules about colour on reflection).


Yeah, as the other guy below me replied, Duolingo had some sort of update over the past 2 months or so where I believe it was first the mobile app, and then later the PC app got updated tips which were different from each other for each lesson for at least a little while.

I remember opening the app on my phone and on my computer, looking at the same lesson, and having completely different tips.


Would it be unprofessional to form this sence like "Wann ankommen wir?"


It would just be wrong.


could this be rearranged to "wann ankommen wir"?


What about "When are we coming by?" That preserves the meaning but also makes sense with an meaning "by" at times.


Doesn't mean the same thing. Would you say, "My mom's plane is coming by at 10:00"?


I guess it depends on if she owns a personal jet or not xD.


Haha, and if you have a private landing strip.

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