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General Practice + "Crowns"

I'm confused!

Before "crowns" appeared (yesterday afternoon on Android version) I knew what I had to do. I would practise a skill which had lost "gold" status OR do General Practice OR, in a language where I had yet to complete the learning tree, I would do a new lesson.

Now, I don't know what to do!

Apart from doing new lessons, my only option seems to be to increase my crown levels. But I don't want to do endless exercises in "Basic 1"!

There is a still a General Practice option BUT what effect, if any, does it have on my tree?

No one is entirely happy about change but my first impression of "crowns" is a negative one.

But thank you, Duolingo, for all that I have gained from this app in the last five years! (I have 220700 XP - so I must like it!)

May 4, 2018



You can see the strenght of your individual skills:


Only two skills are on 75 %, all the others have 100 %.

It display the skills in the language you are learning at the moment.


Exercise does not go forever, they reach to the highest (golden) level of 5, then Time Practice re-appears. This is valid for All lessons.

I think a lot of folks discussed the number of crowns in the new system, so not all lessons have the same total number of crowns. Besides, there are 2 lingots added for each crown gained.

BTW: That is a hell of an XP/Streak you've got!

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