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  5. "The women slept."

"The women slept."

Translation:Qong be'pu'.

May 4, 2018



How does one pronounce Qong? I have been saying it like 'Kong'.


[q͡χoŋ] in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Small q is a bit like a "k" but pronounced further back in the throat (IPA [q]); capital Q starts with that sound but has a fricative after it similar to the Spanish "j" or German "ch" as in "Bach".

So, Qong sounds a bit as if it were a German word spelled kchohng (with an [o] in the middle as in Ton, not an [ɔ] as in Tonne).

You can listen to it here: https://hol.kag.org/a/Qong (click on the word and then on the audio player).


Qov, in the dialects of English that I am most familiar with Tonne and Ton are pronounced the same. I would say that the o in Qong sounds more like the "o" in tone or cone. I don't know of any English words that use that vowel sound before "ng".


The -pu' suffix makes it explicitly plural women.

If it were just Qong be', the unmarked be' could be interepreted as either singular or plural and if that were the case, "The woman slept," would have also been accepted.

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