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German Songs

Does anyone know any good German songs or bands that I could listen to?

May 4, 2018



Eisbrecher have pretty nice to listen to if you are a beginner/intermediate. The lyrics are pretty simple, and sung in clear, standard German. There's also Rammstein, if you're into very heavy stuff, but note that their lyrics can be extremely dark and grotesque, in all kinds of ways. The German is often a bit old-fashioned and poetic (which can of course be very interesting too). Also, check out Subway to Sally. They are more folksy, and have a lot of creative twists to their music.

On a more advanced stage, rap can be a nice challenge, because of the speed and variation, slang and informal language. I recommend Sido for that.

Just a few suggestions off the top of my head. All of these have helped me a lot. It's great to learn languages with the help of music. Just be sure to spend time checking out the lyrics ('misheard' lyrics are not a great language-help), and listen to the songs you like often. That really helps getting the vocabulary to stick, and you'll internalise the gender of many nouns that way.


Andreas Bourani, Adel Tawil, Yvonne Catterfeld, Silbermond, Juli, Mark Forster, Glasperlenspiel, Die fantastischen Vier, Die Toten Hosen, etc.

i do not know that kind of music you like the ones i mentioned are mostly pop/rock one is hiphop (die fantastischen Vier) and one is punkrock(die toten Hosen).

btw.:there is a youtube channel wich has german music videos with english subtitles:



Thanks for the help!

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