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  5. "SuvwI' ghaH tera'ngan'e'."

"SuvwI' ghaH tera'ngan'e'."

Translation:The Terran is a warrior.

May 4, 2018



Why do we need ghaH? can't we say SuvwI' tera'ngan?


No. Two nouns next to each other do NOT indicate that they are equated. In fact, two nouns next to each other indicate that the first one describes the second one. So SuvwI' tera'ngan would probably be interpreted as "a warrior Terran" or perhaps, "the warrior's Terran". To equate the two things (as we do with "is" in English), you have to use a pronoun as verb. Thus the ghaH is required in this sentence.


Could "A Terran is a warrior" be a possible translation? Could this, as in English, refer to a generalized Terran?


Yes. We had missed the variation with "a" on both nouns, but it's there now.


I said "The Terrans are warriors", since the plural modifiers are optional and ghaH also works for a group of people, but it was rejected. Am i correct that it should be added to the acceptable translations?


ghaH would not work for a group of people. For that you would need chaH. Thus the use of ghaH makes it clear that we are talking about one Terran.

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