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Crashkurs auf Portugiesisch?

[deactivated user]

    I am presenting a paper in Brazil in little over a month. I am still working on my German. I'm not sure if should try a crash course on Portuguese or stick with German. I will only be in Brazil a few days and my German is still very shaky. Any advice?

    May 4, 2018



    Unfortunately it is not likely that you can get to a high level in Portuguese in just a month. But you can check out the first 5 skills of the Duo Portuguese tree just to see what it looks like. Or look up some useful phrases. https://www.omniglot.com/language/phrases/portuguese_br.php

    then you can return and put your efforts in German again :)


    LUCKY YOU!!! I would work harder on German! If possible add Portuguese! But feel free to do what works for you


    i do not know if you are the type to get confused when trying to learn two languages at once...

    if you are only planing to stay for a few days it should be fine if you only learn some standard phrases like thank you, please, excuse me, there can i find a bathroom, i would like to have a coffee, etc.

    with this you can show the people there that you are trying to fit in a little even if it is only for some days.(guess the people will appreciate the effort) and maybe you will not feel as lost as if you can't say anything at all. you can start focusing on german again when you are back. and if possible try to not drop it completely while learning some phrases in portuguese.


    You definitely should move your thread from "German(English)" language sub-forum either to the Portuguese sub-forum or the generic DuoLingo(English) sub-forum.

    You can do so for yourself by editing your thread/1st comment and choosing a different forum.


    If you want, you could learn both, as they have so less in common, so you can not confuse that much if you learn two languages of different languages groups: http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/e/languages/similarities/index.html

    Be aware:
    If you have never learned a Romance language (like Spanish, French, etc.) in school or university, your first one will be quite tough (all this funny verb conjugation stuff for each tense), and I am saying this as a German native speaker with more than 23++ years knowledge learning English as my 2nd language.

    • You can plan for the EN-PT course on DuoLingo IMHO about 1 year to finish it (to me that long), if you use a 3rd party flashcard application like Memrise, AnkiSRS, etc. in parallel (you should!).

    • Those DuoLingo courses are designed for the mid- to long-term! I would not want to advise to rush through your tree too much.

    • For the other one of the two (or both) reverse courses PT-DE and PT-EN (more writing in Portuguese) you should plan for another ~6-12 months, depending how many XPs you can put into new skills daily.

    • And with the latest crowns update....there is no end in sight (Lessons from crowns levels L1-L5 = ein Faß ohne Boden) that you will be finishing practicing lessons anytime soon ;)

    Don't waste too much time on DuoLingo learning Portuguese for the next four weeks as you would have to learn a lot of stuff which you can not directly use with speaking or use in real life....at least this was my impression after 3-4 months....I almost had given up!

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