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"Do you start playing soccer in July?"

Translation:¿Tú comienzas a practicar fútbol en julio?

May 4, 2018



It rejected "empiezas a jugar al fútbol en julio". There is nothing about "Do you start playing soccer in July?" that requires "usted". Reported 4 May 2018.


I also don't know why "jugar" can't be used in this translation. The english answer does say "play", not "practice". Practice probably can be implied from the scenario, but "jugar" should probably also be accepted.


Comienzas a jugar futbol en julio was accepted. (Sorry don't know how to add accent over "u" in futbol)


Have you tried ALT+154 from the ASCII table?


If you are using a computer, check the bottom right corner of your screen. I use ESP INTL to get the various markings.


I use ALT + 0250 on my laptop.


alt gr + u = ú


It might actually be the 'al' you have between jugar and fútbol that is tripping it up. I tried "Comienzas jugar fútbol en el julio" (forgot the 'a' and added an unneccesary 'el') and it marked me wrong saying I used the familiar tú form and should have used the formal usted form. I tried again with "Comienzas a jugar fútbol en julio" and was marked correct. It seems if there is a small minor error like an omitted or surplus 'a' or 'el' or something like that, for some reason it tells you the verb is wrong instead of what's actually wrong.

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It accepted "al fútbol" for me (although I think I used the verb empezar).

Note that in Spanish from Spain, and at least some Latin American dialects, it's "Jugar a" the sport, and it's considered wrong to leave the "a" out.


When I did the reverse tree, I remember the comment section having complaints because they didn't include the "a" in this type of sentence.

I've heard it both ways when I listen to Spanish.


It actually says it may be correct: "sin que el sustantivo que denota el juego vaya precedido de preposición, además de no llevar artículo: «Es empleado bancario y juega fútbol» (Bryce Vida [Perú 1981]); «Juntaba a sus paisanos para jugar cartas» (Mastretta Vida [Méx. 1990]); es uso que, por su arraigo en el español americano, ha de considerarse válido."


¿Empiezas a jugar al fútbol en julio? ok 6-29-18


y ''comienzas'' tambien


Why is it not "el futbol?"


Why isn't it comienzas practicando or jugando instead?


I would guess that use of the present participle is restricted to an activity that is going on at that very moment, and not in the future. So, you would need to use the infinitive form of the verb.


The present participle is generally not used after a conjugated verb except the verb estar.


Why is...empiezas a practicar el fútbol en julio...considered incorrect?


Would someone explain the need for the "a" please? The unconjugated form of the verb practicar mean "to practice" so my mind reads it as a redundancy.


It has to do with the verb "empezar", which requires an "a" between it and the other verb.


why is the "al" rejected in "comienzas a practicar al futbol en julio?" most of the time duolingo says i NEED the al before futbol, i.e. yo practico al futbol


I was rejected for "comienzas jugando futból en julio."


Por que se considera incorrecta la respuesta si esta correcta


According to worderrfence

practicar vtr(deporte: participar)play⇒ vtr Practica baloncesto desde que era niño. He has played basketball since he was a child.


this was accepted after i changed el futbol to al futbol:

empiezas a jugar al futbol en julio


Can someone explain why ...empiezas jugando al fútbol en julio?...is marked incorrect?


Why is my response of...¿empiezas a jugar el soccer en julio?...marked incorrect?


Comienzas a jugando fútbol en julio. Marked wrong, 1/17/20. Por qué?


I don't know where or when to put the a


the first option "ustedes empiezan a practicar futbol de el mes de julio" also translates as "you start practicing soccer for the month of july" and was marked wrong... !!!


The question was "Do you start PLAYING fútbol..." Not practicing! Another translating app agrees with me. Play and practice are NOT the same thing!


Copied correct but don't agree with yranslation


Why not "el fútbil?"


The problem is not jugar but the "al" in the sentence. I made the same mistake but redid the sentence omitting the "al" but leaving jugar and it was accepted.

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